Social media – a shining light in F1 amid the darkness

The social media presence of Formula 1 has dramatically improved over last season and into 2015, much to the delight of the fans.

Everyone has an opinion of the state Formula 1 finds itself currently, and most would agree that the pinnacle of motorsport is not in the best shape. But as the old saying goes: 'The show must go on’ - or more aptly in this case, ‘The show always goes on... no matter what.’ 

Irrespective of all the problems and issues surrounding the sport, the 2015 season is well and truly under way and most teams have survived to race another year (although more than a couple are financially crippled).

Without doubt, F1 is going through a tough period right now. Everything is happening from established grands prix getting dropped, teams living a hand-to-mouth existence, drivers suing their own teams, and varying opinions at the top over what shape the sport's future should take.

The average fan, let alone the newcomer, would be forgiven for having trouble fully understanding what's going on in this very messy affair.

Embracing social media

For all its problems however, F1 has got one thing right at least - embracing social media has saved the sport from further penury. Bernie Ecclestone has always been vocal in downplaying the importance of social media, but the 85-year-old has had to finally give in and grudgingly start to use the medium to reach out to fans.

The teams and drivers already use social media widely, and fans have flocked in numbers. The platform certainly has its pros and cons, but the onus is on the user to make the best use of it.

For the teams and drivers, social media became an easy way to not only promote themselves but also reward the average fans for their continued support. And for the fans, the medium has given them a chance to voice their love for the sport and get recognised for their involvement.

The growth of social media in F1

Since the 2014 season, F1 has stepped up its social media presence. The usage of Twitter hashtags along with special infographics has certainly won over critics, and the trend has continued in the 2015 season.

F1 has added an official YouTube channel, where they share never previously seen videos of past seasons, as well as an official Instagram account, along with the existing Twitter account.

What is good to see is F1 involving fans on Twitter, something they yearn for. After Ecclestone's reticence to embrace the platform, it's certainly a start, but how much the sport can connect to its audience and improve viewing figures as a result remains to be seen.

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