Shipping new car for Perez cost Sauber EUR 30,000


Shipping Perez’s chassis cost Sauber 30,000 Euro
Shipping Perez’s chassis cost Sauber 30,000 Euro

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In freight costs alone, Sauber spent EUR 30,000 to send a new chassis to China for Sergio Perez.

The move followed the destruction of the Mexican rookie's car in Malaysia, when an unidentified piece of heavy debris punched a hole in the Ferrari powered C30.

It was initially believed that a loose piece of ballast from a Toro Rosso caused the damage.

But the Italian team denied the charge, moving Charlie Whiting to write a letter to all the teams asking them if a piece of their car was missing after the Sepang event.

"Until now he has received no answer," said Germany's Auto Motor und Sport.

Said Sauber team manager Beat Zehnder: "It could have been a drain cover."

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