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NEW EMOTIONS AT THE NEXT EVENTS OF THE BRAZILIAN AYRTON SENNA'S YEAR The Ayrton Senna Experience exhibition opens in the second semester During 2004, the Ayrton Senna Foundation is celebrating the life of a Brazilian icon Ayrton Senna.


The Ayrton Senna Experience exhibition opens in the second semester

During 2004, the Ayrton Senna Foundation is celebrating the life of a Brazilian icon Ayrton Senna. Throughout the year, several events will pay tribute to the driver, both in Brazil and abroad. The activities are part of the Ano Ayrton Senna do Brasil (The Brazilian Ayrton Senna's Year) and Ayrton Senna no Limits projects, which reaffirm Senna's ideals, such as determination, motivation, persistence, patriotism, excellence, optimism, and the endless quest for perfection.

The Senna Experience exhibition is going to be one of the top events in the project's schedule, as the interactive installations will give Ayrton's fans unforgettable moments. The exhibition that was first scheduled to open in May is now planned for the second semester due to its technological complexity.

Due to its state-of-art technology, visitors will be able to interact with the objects and experience the same sensations Senna used to feel in the racetrack. The exhibition will be divided in 16 rooms, where the audience will learn about Ayrton's life, legacy and values. Three of the rooms are expected to be the event's blockbusters: in the room called "Overcoming the limits" the fans will feel the emotion of ultrapassagens in Ayrton's cars, from go-kart to Formula 1, through a 3D movie. The tracks were computer generated and reproduce the most challenging circuits in the F1 around the world.

In another facility, the visitors are going to a virtual race. As they wear the driver's helmet they will feel the adrenalin of driving at 300 km per hour, experiencing the physical sensations. In a third room a simulation of another race will take place in a 180º screen, where the fans will experience the victory inside a real cockpit.

The exhibition's purpose is to make it possible for Senna's fans to experience the driver's winning career in the F1 circuits, bringing out the champion that lies within every human being.

The Ayrton Senna Experience exhibition will be held in the city of São Paulo at Cinemateca, located at Largo Senador Raul Cardoso, 207. In 2005, the road show is planned to travel among Brazilian cities and also Germany, Japan, England, France and Italy.

2004 Updated Schedule


*Ayrton Senna Journalism GP

The awards of the 7th edition of the Ayrton Senna Journalism Grand Prix will disclose in July. The most prominent and respected TV, radio, magazine, and newspaper professionals in Brazil will attend this event, which features among the country's most important prizes in its category. The award aims to recognize journalists and vehicles with the best stories on Human Development among underprivileged children.

*The Brazilian Automobilist Confederation is also part of the celebration. In 2004, the Brazilian Go-Kart Championship will be named Ayrton Senna Brazilian Go-Kart Championship. Besides the title, all materials and trophies will bring the Brazilian Ayrton Senna Stamp.


*Scheduled to August 1st, the first edition of a relay marathon race Ayrton Senna Racing Day dedicated to the driver will be promoted. The event will take place at the Interlagos Circuit, Sao Paulo. Five thousand runners are expected to this tribute to Ayrton Senna, who was also a runner.

*August will also see the promotion Torcida Ayrton Senna do Brasil (The Brazilian Ayrton Senna Supporters), organized in partnership with one of the sponsors of the Brazilian F1 Grand Prix. Winners will be part of this elite supporter fans and will be treated to a VIP-catering package while watching the race.


*As a part of the schedule for 2004, the Parque de Esculturas Ayrton Senna/Ayrton Senna Sculpture Park will be inaugurated. Renowned artists will create works of art, inspired by the driver's values. These works will be displayed in a strategic place, in order to become a tourist attraction in São Paulo.

*Special activities are also planned to the Brazilian F1 GP, the last race of the season that will take place on October 24th. A giant flag will be displayed on The Brazilian Ayrton Senna Supporters area.

*Also close to the Brazilian GP, Formula 1 drivers will be invited to engage in an go-kart exhibition race, in a circuit designed by Ayrton Senna himself.


*In the month that the Ayrton Senna Institute celebrates its 10th anniversary, children, youngsters and educators from the social programs related to the institute will be having several events to honor the Brazilian Ayrton Senna Year.

The Brazilian Ayrton Senna and Ayrton Senna No Limits are being possible by means of partnerships with private and government organizations from Brazil and abroad.


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