Rivals reject Horner's wind tunnel ban idea

Williams deputy team principal Claire Williams thinks the proposed ban on wind tunnels would be wrong for Formula 1 and says her squad would not support it.

Red Bull team boss Cristian Horner suggested earlier this week a full ban on wind tunnel use in order to reduce costs dramatically in Formula One.

But the idea has not received any support from Williams, who reckons would be counter productive for the sport.

"As a team that's invested heavily in wind tunnels over the course of our history - we have two at Williams, the last one we put in in 2002 and cost millions - we wouldn't support a ban on wind tunnels, no," Williams told reporters on Thursday.

"I think there are things that you can do from the cost-control perspective before you go down down route.

"Of course it would generate a big saving in the long term, but in the short team it's going to drive costs because you have to counter balance aero.

"You have to counter balance using a wind tunnel with other technologies. You have to invest more in CAD and CFD to get rid of a whole lot of people, make them redundant, which we don't want to do.

"That costs you money anyway. It's not a move we'd support."

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff also laughed off Horner's suggestion.

"This is Formula One, not GP2 or a single car series like IndyCar," Wolff told Auto Motor und Sport.

"It is a world championship for drivers, but also for engineers, so I think if we exclude something that has long been part of the DNA of Formula One, that will not help the sport."

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