Ricciardo urges Ferrari to drop Vettel appeal

Daniel Ricciardo says Ferrari should forget its appeal over the penalty Sebastian Vettel got for moving under braking at the Mexican Grand Prix.

Ferrari has lodged a notification with the FIA that it intends to appeal against a decision by the stewards not to consider what it believes is fresh evidence against Vettel’s 10-second penalty for blocking Ricciardo in Mexico.

Ricciardo is unhappy that the matter remains ongoing, and said that, if he were Vettel, he would tell his team to accept the punishment and move on.

“For me, it should be after Sunday night, whatever happens and whichever way it goes it should be done and that is that,” Ricciardo explained.

“I heard first I thought it was because they wanted to reopen the thing with our move, but then maybe it was what Max [Verstappen] was doing, or they thought Max was doing, by bringing him towards us.

“I would have said it was done. That is it. Obviously, there is the fight with the constructors’ and every point matters, so you can see why they want to keep trying to get those points back, but as far as the race is gone, after Sunday is done and midnight ticks, move on.”

Ricciardo said he even felt uncomfortable with having to deal with the matter after the race in Mexico.

“I don’t like being in a position where we are appealing, but I felt it needed to be done,” he said. “It is not that nice to be fighting things out once the chequered flag has dropped, so that was already not good – it is not what everyone wants to see but we had our reasons.

“But to now make it go a week or two weeks after is dragging it out. I thought it was done, but we will see. Moving under braking is hard for all – if you don’t race or haven’t been around the sport, it is hard to see from an outside point of view, ‘oh look he was still in front and it is his corner’, but I think we all know what it is. I would have let it go.”

Vettel supports appeal

Vettel insisted, however, that Ferrari was right to continue the challenge over what he felt was an unfair penalty in Mexico.

“Of course I support it,” he said. “We are not happy with the decision that was taken – I feel different about it.

“But for now the focus is on this race. Nevertheless, there is not much more to add – we have said it many times. We don’t feel that the penalty is justified and this is one of the consequences.”

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