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Red Bull's Marko sent congratulatory message to Perez

Sergio Perez says Red Bull motorsport chief Helmut Marko was among the Formula 1 bosses who sent him a congratulatory message after his Sakhir GP victory last weekend.

Sergio Perez, Racing Point, 1st position, on the podium

Having been dropped by Racing Point, Perez is still waiting for a decision on whether Red Bull Racing will retain Alex Albon in 2021 or give him the seat.

Red Bull's management made it clear some time ago that it would wait until after the final race in Abu Dhabi, in order to give Albon the maximum opportunity to prove himself.

Perez insists that he is not in a hurry.

"I had congratulations messages pretty much from most of the team bosses in F1, including Helmut, so it was nice to have that," he said in Abu Dhabi on Thursday.

"And regarding any decision, I think what they say publicly is correct. They will make decision at some point after the weekend. So I don't know when that decision will be. So there's not a lot of hurry anymore.

"It's the end of the year, and it's where we are. So we waited so long that now one week or two weeks more is to know our decision, it doesn't change that much."

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Perez played down the impact of the Sakhir GP victory on his future, pointing to his consistency over the years.

"I'm a strong believer that in F1 one race doesn't really change your life," he said. "What I've shown in the last 10 years, weekend after weekend, year by year, always having up and downs, but always coming to a year end with strong results.

"And this year, especially you've seen, my year has been very, very up and down, missing two races with the COVID in such a short championship.

"And missing an engine, when we had the podium in the pocket [in Bahrain]. So many missed opportunities, and still we're lying fourth in the drivers' championship.

"So it's been a very, very strong year, but also a lot of credit to the team, because they gave me a car this year, what I can show what, what I'm capable of, so that's something something very special."

Asked if he could now leave the sport with his head held high after a winning a race, he said: "All I can say is that I'm in big peace with myself. I'm not fully in control of my future at the moment. And it's something that bothers you, obviously, I think any human being in this position, will struggle a bit.

"But given that it's not in my hands, given the victory came, I felt that I made the most of my opportunities.

"So if I have a seat for next year it's great. But if not, I'm willing to come back in '22. I believe that I'm at the peak of my career, and the best years are ahead of me. So even missing missing a year, next year, I'm determined enough to come back for '22.

"So if I have to take a year out, I'll do it. But I am more determined than ever to come back. And I think the victory gave me some peace to myself, but also a lot more hunger. I want more in the sport.

"And after you do the first one, you know that you can do it again. And I want to do it many more times again."

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