Red Bull says it is not too late to rescue 2016 plans

Red Bull boss Christian Horner believes his team would be able to make up for the disadvantage of not knowing which engine it will use next year should it finally manage to get one.

The Milton Keynes squad is still facing an uncertain future in Formula 1 as it waits on Ferrari to decide whether it will supply it with engines for 2016.

Ferrari is believed to be Red Bull's only option for next season, but the Italian squad is not willing to give its rival 2016-spec power units, while Red Bull has said it will not accept older-spec engines.

Horner admits that the fact that Red Bull cannot work on its new car knowing which engine will be fitted to it has left it at a disadvantage.

But the team boss reckons there is still enough time to recover from it.

"In the end, Dietrich Mateschitz is the one to make the decision. However, it's my job to get to work as soon as we know what engine we will get. But at the moment we still don't know," he added.

"It's clear that by now the other teams have an advantage over us. But the quality at Red Bull is so high that we would be able to cope with that.

"Everybody is highly motivated and we want to win again. But equally we don't want to continue with the form we've had for one and a half years now."

Horner concedes, however, that time is running out.

"We are in October already. Over at Milton Keynes our engineers already shuffle their feet," he added. "They want and need to know what is going to happen with our RB12 car.

"When do I want to have a solution? Two weeks ago! Adrian Newey told me: 'Christian, we need an answer and soon. I know what happens with the front and the rear parts of the car. But we need to know what will happen in between.'

"You have to bear in mind: it's not only about the engine. We also have to think about cooling and this has an influence on the design of the sidepods, for example, as has the gearbox on the rear design."

Alternative plans

Horner says that should Red Bull be forced to quit Formula 1, the energy drinks giant would find alternatives to use its staff.

"If we were to face a situation that we could not continue in grand prix racing, we would have to look for alternative activities, for sure," he said.

"At Milton Keynes we have a lot of very talented people. We would have to find a way to exploit their talents elsewhere. Of course, my staff is worrying about the future.

"But I keep telling them: 'Please continue working and don't worry about things you cannot control.' "

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