Red Bull: Mateschitz stance a worry for all of F1

Red Bull boss Christian Horner says it is Formula 1 as a whole and not just his team that needs to worry most about Dietrich Mateschitz's downbeat assessment of the sport.

Mateschitz caused a stir at his home Austrian Grand Prix last weekend when he suggested that he was disillusioned with F1 because there was no opportunity for his teams to close down the gap to Mercedes due to an engine freeze.

And although some have claimed that Mateschitz's comments are just a way of putting pressure on F1's chiefs to change the rules, Horner says that all involved in grand prix racing should treat them seriously.

"Dietrich Mateschitz doesn't talk on the record that often, and everything he said are words that I've heard from him so far this year," said Horner, reflecting on the interview that appeared on Red Bull-owned website Speedweek.

"There is nothing to interpret in what he says, because he is telling what he thinks and that is how he sees it.

"He ultimately is a fan, and that is why he has committed and believed in motorsport and F1, and committed so much of Red Bull's marketing activities not just to Red Bull Racing but with Sauber, with young driver programmes, over the last 20 years.

"I think the risk for F1 is when someone like Dietrich starts to fall out of love with it, that is a big worry.

"We need people like Dietrich to be engaged, and the problem is that he runs a multi-national company: Red Bull does not exist because of F1.

"It is not like Williams, it is not like McLaren. And if F1 isn't generating a return and the coverage for him, then of course he will raise questions about it.

"That is his concern about the sport in general at the moment and in addition to that is the situation regarding regulations and his two teams."

Engine change key

Horner suggests that some equalisation of engine performance is now essential to prevent Renault and Honda facing ongoing embarrassment about their form.

"I don't think F1 can afford for Honda and Renault to be in the situation they are," he said. "We had the new president of Honda here and I don't think we put a great show on for him.

"And for Renault, it is not a great encouragement for them to commit further to the sport with the penalties we are imposing and the public embarrassment there is over engine failures."

He added: "Don't get me wrong and quite often, I am perceived as moaning or complaining about Mercedes, but they have done a super, super job.

"They have interpreted the rules and done a better job than anyone else. But the problem is it is totally out of kilter with where the other manufacturers are at the moment.

"And we need them to be there for there to be engines for other teams to compete with."

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