Red Bull hospitality unit - video tour

In terms of size, the Red Bull Energy Station is massive. Indeed, it is much bigger than any of the motorhomes that had often been described as palatial by those scribes lucky enough to be invited inside.

It has three floors, the top story being a sunroof. "It is truly unique and takes a completely different "open house‚" approach, both in terms of its architecture and the welcome it provides to guests, media and anyone else who cares to stroll in‚" explained Claudio Hatz, the interior designer on the project.

Working alongside Hatz was the Austrian design company, Kitz Exclusive. "The fact that the structure has to be assembled and dismantled before and after every European race and in some cases, repeated in time for the following weekend, was the biggest challenge. In terms of the concept, it meant we put functionality as the top priority, rather than design. For example, the glass floors are made with a special silicate to ensure the panels don't break in transit."

It takes 25 people and 2 days to erect. Transport is taken care of by nine trucks and when it is up and running two electricians and two technicians are on duty, while catering involves five chefs and five front-of-house staff.

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