Red Bull equalisation calls "funny" - Hamilton

World champion Lewis Hamilton says he finds Red Bull's calls for the FIA to rein in Mercedes as "funny", given the success that the team had in previous years.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner suggested during the Australian Grand Prix weekend that the FIA should act to slow Mercedes down to stop the German squad from making the race too boring for the fans.

Hamilton is adamant that Mercedes has worked hard to get where it is today.

"I find it quite funny," he said when asked by about Horner's comments.

"It's an interesting opinion coming from individuals who have had so much success. Also it's only been one race, so to already have comments after the first race is what I find funny.

"And then on the personal side it was a big step for me to come to this team that had had so many years of poor performance – they hadn't had the success of other teams.

"Not once did this team ever complain to others in order to equalise things, they just worked their arses off.

"We came to this team and saw them making that progress, and now they're the best team, we've pulled together and done an amazing job.

"I'm really very proud of that. I think it's kind of a funny situation."

Mercedes can stay ahead

Hamilton is confident that Mercedes can stay ahead as this season unfolds.

"With my understanding of the rules and how F1 is, and knowing how limited your time is in the wind tunnel and development, we all have that same amount of time. Providing we push forward at the same speed as everyone else, we should stay ahead. I believe the team will do that.

"Of course we never knew what others were going to do coming into the season, we didn't know how much improvement others would have done.

"But we're obviously very pleased with the work the team has done – obviously we were pretty competitive last year, and to still make an improvement on top of that is pretty exceptional.

"It's a true showing of how amazing this team is now. If these people stay in the same place, and the right philosophy is taken, this team will be strong for many, many years."

The Australian GP winner is hopeful he can continue with his strong form in Malaysia, as he reckons his Melbourne weekend was not flawless.

"It still wasn't perfect and I can improve, and with the race I think it just continued generally what I was doing for. There's not really much progress – it's small increments.

"I think Nico will be quick this weekend and he'll be pushing as hard as he always did last year in qualifying. I've just got to try and keep up the momentum from the last race if I can."

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