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Interview with Ralf Schumacher Question : What does it feel like coming back to Argentina? It is always a good feeling coming back to a race track where I have had success. Last year the result was fantastic for me and, ...

Interview with Ralf Schumacher Question : What does it feel like coming back to Argentina? It is always a good feeling coming back to a race track where I have had success. Last year the result was fantastic for me and, following a good test in Barcelona last week, I think we are well prepared this time too. With changes to the suspension and the new Goodyear tyres, I am hoping that Damon and I can finish in the points. Question : Do you feel under any extra pressure because of what happened in the first two races? In Formula One you are always under pressure because you want to be as competitive as possible. For this, you have to push very hard and in Brazil I risked too much and spun off. The first lap in a Formula One race is not so easy for a driver because you have to concentrate on so many things -- making a good start, being cautious in the braking area for the first corner, not touching other cars, defending your position and trying to overtake. At Interlagos I had to defend my position against Alesi and braked too late. Hopefully this will not happen again. Question : What are your impressions of the new Jordan car? We have got a lot of work to do, but I believe the car has a lot of potential. When we tested the new tyres in Barcelona we were up to five tenths quicker than before but the car felt very different to drive. We have got to make some changes to compensate and that is what Gary Anderson is doing. Question : What has it been like working with Damon Hill? Working with Damon is a completely new experience for me. I have never worked with such an experienced driver and what he is bringing to Jordan is helping both the team and myself to set the car up well. Question : What is your relationship like with him? It is very good. From the moment we started working together we have got on well and I hope it continues that way. Damon is very professional in everything he does and, although he had some trouble with my brother, he has never shown that to me. He understands that I am Ralf and not Michael. Question : What is Michael saying about the new season? Believe it or not, when Michael and I meet we do not speak a lot about racing. We decided this last year because Michael does not like to speak about Ferrari and their progress, and I don't want to tell him anything about Jordan. When we get together, we talk about football and tennis. But he is still in a good mood and is looking to make a step forward in Imola. Question : Do you think yourself or Damon can win a race this year? After the first two races I must say that McLaren look like they cannot be beaten under normal circumstances. Their package of chassis, engine, tyres and drivers is very competitive -- I must congratulate Ron Dennis! But saying that, you cannot tell how long their performance will continue. Jordan are working very hard and I believe that Eddie Jordan and Gary Anderson will get the job done. Add the experience that Damon has brought to the team and I am sure we will enjoy success in the near future. But to win a race also requires some luck -- hopefully we will have that. Question : Have you noticed a change in Jordan this year? Yes. Eddie, Gary and everyone in the team are working very hard and professionally. When I came to them in the autumn of 1996 they were not as well organised as they are today. But this is to be expected because building up a Formula One team with at least 150 employees is very hard. I feel that with the team power they have got now, they are one of the top outfits. Question : Where do you see Jordan's performance this weekend? After testing the new Goodyear, I expect Argentina to give us a better performance than with the old tyres. Hopefully we will be able to close the gap to Williams and Benetton -- and maybe we can get ahead of them. McLaren are too far in front and the second best team seems to be Ferrari. Question : How has your attitude changed now that you are in your second year? The first season in Formula One was very difficult. I did not know the race tracks and I had to learn how everything in the sport worked. It wasn't easy, but now I feel more confident. I know the team, all the circuits and I understand the technical side much better.

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