Giorgio Piola's F1 technical analysis

Video: What made the Mercedes F1 W08 so good

Motorsport Network technical analyst Giorgio Piola explains what made the Formula 1 world championship-winning Mercedes F1 W08 so strong in a special video first shown during the Autosport Awards.

Mercedes scooped the prestigious Autosport Racing Car of the Year Award for the fourth successive year with what Piola describes as a "clever evolution of the 2016 car despite the major rules change for the 2017 season".

In this video, produced by, Piola goes on to explain the long wheelbase of the car, details of the floor, what he describes as a "revolutionary" nose introduced at the Spanish Grand Prix and the role of the power unit package.

The car won the constructors' championship, took Lewis Hamilton to the drivers' championship and won 12 races.

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