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“More numerous today, stronger tomorrow!”

Since November 22nd, many Prost Grand Prix supporters have joined forces to cheer their team up. More and more of them everyday express their wish that the adventure of“ Les Bleus”, which started in 1997 with four-time F1 World Champion Alain Prost, goes on.

A spontaneous impulse of Prost Grand Prix Le Club’s members

Prost Grand Prix founded the Club in 1998, thereby fulfilling the wish of many fans who had waited for the creation of a supporters’ circle. From then on, thousands of enthusiasts have consistently followed the French team and its founder.

The legal procedure Prost Grand Prix has gone into last november 22nd, has futhermore reinforced these early and loyal supporters’ faith : they have once again gone into action to show their ardent support to their team. Many of them gathered that day in front of the Prost Grand Prix headquarters waving their banners of encouragement.

United F1 fans

Rapidly joined by a wider audience, the fans kept on sending letters and e-mails, as well as putting initiatives together in order to express their direct support to Prost Grand Prix. Altogether with the partners and suppliers who have stayed with the team for years, they claim their passion for the French F1 quadruple world champion and his team.

The whole team was extremely moved to receive such a comforting support, which sometimes turned into true generosity, as some even expressed their idea of contributing directly to Prost Grand Prix’s financial rebuild. This ardour undoubtedly confirms how authentic the French taste for F1 is. And it will certainly entice the French public, companies and institutions into understanding that Prost Grand Prix’ challenge must continue.

A movement now relayed

In order to allow all these voices to gather and to be heard, the team has placed a link on the, and a mail address -“ More numerous today, stronger tomorrow”, c/o Prost Grand Prix, 7 avenue Eugène Freyssinet, 78280 Guyancourt, France.

These messages which truly speak for themselves can now be read on the, by cliking on““ More numerous today, stronger tomorrow” on the welcome page.


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