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BENSON AND HEDGES TOTAL JORDAN PEUGEOT GP PREVIEW Round 15 - Portuguese GP at Estoril ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Benson and Hedges Jordan Peugeot team recorded its best results of the ...

BENSON AND HEDGES TOTAL JORDAN PEUGEOT GP PREVIEW Round 15 - Portuguese GP at Estoril ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Benson and Hedges Jordan Peugeot team recorded its best results of the season at the recent Italian Grand Prix, with fourth and fifth place finishes for Martin Brundle and Rubens Barrichello. Just two days later the team was back in action where Brundle and test driver Gianni Morbidelli returned to work on B&H Jordan's development programme. "Monza is really tough on engines, so it was ideal for us to continue Peugeot's reliability tests with the 196B," said general manager Trevor Foster. "It's also a good circuit for aerodynamic testing because the car stays at terminal velocity for a long time. We completed over 1000 relatively trouble-free kilometres during the course of the two days, including a successful race distance in the 196B. On the whole, the test went very well," Foster continued. The test team will complete a further two days of running next week at the A1 Ring in Austria where Fabrizio di Simone and Gianni Morbidelli will carry out the driving duties. "It's a good opportunity to gather basic gear ratio and downforce levels in preparation for the Grand Prix next year," Foster said. After the test the action moves south to the picturesque Estoril circuit near Lisbon for the Portuguese Grand Prix. The Portuguese race is the penultimate round of the 1996 World Championship, and also the penultimate event to be tele- vised by the BBC, the British TV station which has covered Formu- la One regularly since 1979. Grand Prix coverage will move to rival broadcaster ITV for the start of the 1997 season. "The BBC coverage of F1 has traditionally been excellent," says Eddie Jordan. "Much of the sports' current popularity can be credited to their Grand Prix progamme, which now generates enor- mous audiences, averaging around six million for each event. The BBC has done a great job for Formula One over the years and Murray Walker, who presents the shows is one of the best known and best loved TV personalities in the UK. "Television has changed dramatically since the BBC began its Grand Prix coverage and nowhere have those innovations been more evident than in the coverage of sport, which has reached new levels. "When Formula One was first broadcast, it was just long-shot angles of cars going around corners. Now we have on-board cam- eras, split screens, kerb-mounted cameras, all things which help to bring the sport alive. The digital revolution, which I don't think anybody can quite comprehend yet is just around the corner. Formula One is a pioneer of this technology and I think the future of TV in our sport looks absolutely fantastic. "All this can be directly credited to Bernie Ecclestone. When he first got involved in the TV side of things there was no co-ordination at all and, but for the odd news clip of an acci- dent, there was very little coverage of F1 on TV. "For the past ten years or so we have been guaranteed that every single race will be shown on television. Global TV has turned F1 into a truly major sport and that is absolutely invalu- able to the teams. It is a well known fact that only the Olympic Games and the soccer World Cup can command a greater audience, but they only take place every four years, whereas we are racing every two weeks. Formula One now goes to something like 120 countries and that exposure gives the sport enormous stature. "Television is the most powerful medium in the world and in sporting terms F1 is very much at the forefront of TV coverage. We use that fact when trying to encourage sponsors to invest in the team. The sponsors want TV exposure and the enormous amount of TV coverage that F1 receives both helps the team in the sales pitch and justifies the sponsor's involvement." There has been criticism in recent weeks over the way the televising of F1 has developed, but Eddie Jordan wholeheartedly supports the arrangements put in place by the FIA and Bernie Ecclestone. "The way that the package has been structured for the next five years gives the teams enormous financial stability," he said. "There is a considerable amount of money coming our way from TV and that will ultimately remove some of the dependence on sponsorship. Those teams which attend every race and perform ade- quately will receive sufficient money to enable them to exist - that wasn't the case before. "It probably equates to a primary sponsor for a middle ranking team and the money will enable us to plan for the future. The bottom end of the grid has traditionally been susceptible to financial change but the new measure should ensure that there are solid 20 plus grids without any individual team owner having to take giant personal risks as has already been the case before. This new package will bring enormous stability to the entire grid, which in turn will bring stability to the sport. Monza test times - Sept 10th and 11th. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Gianni Morbidelli Jordan-Peugeot 1:25.46. 2. Martin Brundle Jordan-Peugeot 1:25.78. 3. Pedro Diniz Ligier-Mugen 1:25.78. 4. Olivier Panis Ligier-Mugen 1:26.00. 5. Jos Verstappen Arrow-Hart 1:27.00. 6. Tarso Marques Arrows-Hart 1:28.20.

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* 1st 2.00 #8604 * There is another Friday the 13th this year - in December.

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