Pirelli ready to follow F1 demands for longer-lasting tyres

Pirelli says it will follow the desire for more durable tyres if that is what the drivers and Formula 1 chiefs want for the future.

The Italian manufacturer was asked to produce fast-degrading tyres for its return to Formula 1, but that has led to criticism from drivers over the years.

GPDA chairman Alex Wurz said earlier this week that drivers would prefer a longer-lasting tyre, as they are convinced it would improve the spectacle.

Speaking at the end of the Paul Ricard tyre test, Pirelli's racing manager Mario Isola said the manufacturer is ready to change its approach if that's what F1 wants.

"This is part of the target and it's fixed by the Formula 1 environment," Isola told reporters during the Paul Ricard test.

"As we've always said, we want to follow what F1 asks us. This is another aspect of the target of development we have for the future.

"It's a choice. If we have to produce long-lasting tyres, we need to focus on that. If we have to produce tyres with degradation, we have to focus on that. We have more than 180 championships where we have different targets.

"In GP2 there is a strong requirement for degradation because the promoter wants to have something similar to Formula 1. In GT, they want to a tyre to do double stints.

"In rally they have different requirements, so it depends on the championship."

Isola made it clear, however, that Pirelli needs to start testing the 2017 right away in order to be ready in time.

When asked when that test needs to begin, Isola said: "As soon as possible. Yesterday."

Interview by Benjamin Vinel

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