Pirelli pushing for Paul Ricard wet-tyre test

Formula 1 looks set to have a proper wet-tyre test next year, with teams pushing for agreement with Pirelli to arrange a run at Paul Ricard.

The sport's current rules specify that there should be at least one day of running pre-season for specific wet tyre running – but this has never delivered satisfactory results.

Instead, F1's teams are now hoping to agree on a plan for Pirelli to do a specific wet-tyre test at Paul Ricard – which has sprinkler facilities that would allow some consistent conditions to simulate rain weather.

The proposal is for this to take place either early next year, or towards the end of the season – potentially with 2015 cars.

It is unclear yet, however, whether or not a rule change will be needed should lots of teams sign up.

When asked by Motorsport.com whether he felt the test was going to happen, Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery said: “Probably.

“The best time of the year is October or early spring, simply because where we can go testing in a controlled environment is Paul Ricard.

“As you can imagine, in August is it too hot there. If you get the water down in two minutes it is dry. Even with the sprinkler system the evaporation rates are very, very high.

"That is something that is being discussed at the moment. It is looking like an early slot next year.”

'Unlikely' that all teams would attend

Hembery said that all teams would be invited to take part in the test, but it was unlikely all would agree to take part.

“It depends how many people want to come along,” he said about the need to change the rules.

“Everyone will be invited but it is likely only a small number will participate.”

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