Pirelli 'know what they're doing' - Mosley

Pirelli 'know what they're doing' - Mosley

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Pirelli is not out of its depth in Formula One, former FIA president Max Mosley insists.

Asked about the criticism being directed at F1's new official tyre supplier, the Briton told Welt newspaper: "The people at Pirelli know what they're doing.

Ex-FIA President Max Mosley
Ex-FIA President Max Mosley

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"The teams are now busy adjusting their cars to the new situation as they've always had to live with these technical challenges.

"And someone always does a better job than someone else," added Mosley.

Interestingly, 70-year-old Mosley also backed his long-time friend and powerbroker Bernie Ecclestone's controversial proposal to install artificial rain systems at some grand prix circuits.

Moral and political evaluations do not belong in sport

Max Mosley

"This is what Bernie and I considered ten years ago," said Mosley. "And why not?"

He also indicated that Bahrain, despite the behaviour of its government recently, still has a right to be in Formula One, as do other controversial current and future hosts including China and Russia.

"Sport must be separated from politics," Mosley insisted. "If that was not so, there would only be major sporting events in half the current amount of countries.

"Moral and political evaluations do not belong in sport," he added.

Mosley also defended the dwindling representation of Europe on the current F1 calendar, suggesting that the continent's eight races might also dwindle further.

"We are talking about a world championship, so if Europe has eight races that is still a disproportionate balance."

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