Pirelli aiming to provide live tyre information during races

Tyre supplier Pirelli says it is working with Formula 1 bosses to make sure spectators can keep up with tyre strategies during this year's races, following the introduction of new rules.

From the start of this season, all drivers will be able to choose between three different compounds for each grand prix, a move that Pirelli hopes will open the door for more varied strategies.

However, there is the risk that spectators will find it harder to follow the race strategies, which is why Pirelli says it is trying to make sure this year's graphics will be improved to avoid confusion.

"We are working together with FOM to give the information live during the races so every spectator can understand what's going to happen," said Pirelli's racing manager Mario Isola on Tuesday.

"I think it's useful also for the media to know exactly which is the situation and the strategy. With the new regulations they have not only three compounds but the ability to choose 10 sets, so I hope we are going to see different strategies and more interesting races.

"To do that, you obviously need the information and you need to know which tyre each driver has available in the garage - and we are working together with FOM to provide this information."

Interview by Benjamin Vinel


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