Giorgio Piola's F1 technical analysis

Photo reveals F1 blown axle in action


Ever wondered what a blown axle is and how it helps move air around the car?

This image perfectly illustrates how airflow taken in by the front brake duct is ejected out of the hollowed axle to assist in the displacement of airflow around the front-wheel assembly.

It was thought that the blown axle solution may have been dispensed with for 2017 but it is still being used by a large proportion of the grid, including Red Bull, Ferrari, Williams, Toro Rosso and Haas.

As the mechanic uses his blower to cool the front brakes we can see how the air proportioned for the axle is blown out of the wheel face (white arrow).

Of course whilst the car is in motion this jet of air will have to act on the airflow moving beside the front wheel, flattening the jet and acting more like the physical wheel covers teams used circa 2007-09.

It's an interesting detail that illustrates how this can help minimize the front wing's role in moving air around the front wheel.

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