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Back At Last / Issue 99a

Here we are, 1998 and all that. We are hoping that we have finally killed off all the gremlins that caused multiple copies of the newsletter to get sent out each week. I fully expect this to be the triumphant return of F1 News, well for this week at least. Those of you with a keen eye will have noticed that this is issue 99a when it should have really been issue 100. We wanted issue 100 to be a celebration so it will be delayed a bit until we are sure that the list server is working just fine. Look on issue 99a as a special collectors edition :-) As we have been away for a while I have included some threads that have been running for a while hoping to bring everyone up to date with all that has been going on in F1. The web site now has a merchandise section which contains links to products which you can get that are related to F1. At the moment there is a link to Amazon (the book shop), links to stuff that we provide (mostly free) and links to other merchandisers. We have put the F1 A-Z up as an Adobe Acrobat file - in time we will add other Acrobat files that deal with circuits, drivers, results etc as well as illustrated sections including photos (once we get copyright issues sorted out).

Hill To Drive J198 Later This Month

Damon Hill will get his first run in a Jordan later this month. Hill is expected to start testing on January 21 when the team go to Barcelona. The car is set for its launch at the Albert Hall on January 19th.

De la Rosa Expected To Get Jordan Test Role

Pedro de la Rosa is tipped to get the Jordan test role for 1998. It is expected that he will be confirmed in the next few days.

Benetton Testing

Benetton were first off the mark with the 1998 car this year even managing pre Christmas shakedowns on a chilly Silverstone (Stowe) circuit. They started testing at Jerez this week and both Fisichella and Wurz are scheduled to attend.

Tyrrell Still To Confirm Lineup

Tyrrell have still to confirm their 1998 lineup. Jos Verstappen was expected to get the second seat before Christmas, but it now looks like a three way race with Jean Christophe Bouillion (former Williams test driver) and Toranosuke Takagi. The new Tyrrell 026 is scheduled for launch on January 21st.

Montoya Gets Williams Test Seat

Juan Pablo Montoya was confirmed as the new Williams test driver just before Christmas. The young Colombian impressed the Williams team after he tested with them in December. He is being tipped as a successor to Villeneuve when the world champion leaves the team at the end of the year.

Prost To Drive AP01

Alain Prost is almost certain to drive the Prost AP01 in shakedown tests at Magny Cours before the official launch on January 20th. The former world champion said he may also drive it after the launch "out of curiosity". The new car is a brand new 'pure' Prost F1 chassis rather than an inherited Ligier. French F3000 hot shot Soheil Ayari has been linked with the Prost test role though early testing duties will be carried out by Panis and Trulli.

Badoer Gets Ferrari Test Job

Italian driver Luca Badoer has landed the Ferrari test role. Badoer was the 1992 F3000 champion but drives with Minardi and the Forti did little to help his F1 chances. Badoer said "I feel like my career has started again" when asked about the test job.

Villeneuve OK After Ski Fall

World Champion Jacques Villeneuve suffered mild concussion after a fall while skiing in France. He was taken to hospital by helicopter for a check up - which proved clear. Jacques gets back to testing when Williams arrive at Barcelona next Monday (12th)

Yamaha In Or Out ?

Arrows engine situation is still unclear. Yamaha are keen to keep the Judd V10 for 1998, while Arrows are keen to switch to a Hart V10 badged as Yamaha. The engine will be known when the 1998 car is launched, though Arrows have yet to set an official launch date.

Kyalami Set For 1998

The 1998 F1 calendar is still unclear, though it now looks certain that the French GP will not take place. The Belgian and Portuguese races are still not confirmed and Kyalami has been given a good chance of returning to the calendar. Senior FIA people have given Kyalami the all clear to host a race if either the Belgium or Portuguese races are dropped. If both races are scrapped we could see a Chinese GP in 1998.


Goodyear announced that they would be quitting F1 after the 1998 season. McLaren announced that they would be switching to Bridgestone tyres and Michelin denied that they would return to F1. Goodyear still have two year contracts with some teams and it is unclear what will happen if they default on those. This will leave Bridgestone as the only confirmed tyre supplier for 1999.

Moet To Leave F1

Shocking news I know, but there it is. After something like 35 years Moet, the winners champagne, will no longer be sprayed from the podium. A new champagne will be keenly sought for 1998....Tattinger anyone?


The testing sessions get underway in January. Most teams will be at Barcelona in January. Williams then move on to Kyalami for the first week in February though they may be joined by other teams.

Schumacher Faces New Charges

Michael Schumacher is under threat of new charges (ranging from attempted murder to dangerous driving) after a Frankfurt man filed a complaint over the collision with Jacques Villeneuve last year. Chief prosecutor Hans Bernhard Jansen said: "We are investigating to see whether there was anything punishable by law."

Most people feel charges are unlikely and......... Heinz Harald Frentzen denies living in Frankfurt (joke).

Belgian GP Given One Last Chance

The organisers of the Belgian GP have been given one more week to sort out the tobacco advertising ban that was imposed by the government. The FIA will make a decision on the race next week, though the ban does not come into effect until next year.

Ferrari Ready To Launch 1998 Car

Ferrari are due to unveil their 1998 today. The car was given a shake down test last week and should start real testing at Jerez from January 12. The new car known internally as the 649 is expected to be designated the F310C.

Sauber Team Manager Resigns

Max Welti, the Sauber team manager has resigned after two and a half years in charge.

Williams See Red

Williams are set to change the colour of their cars from Blue to Red as part of different sponsorship from title sponsors Rothmans. It is believed that they will be advertising Winfield Cigarettes, which are from the Rothmans stable.

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