Michael Schumacher injury timeline

One year ago today, the racing community was rocked by some shocking news.

As I'm sure you all know, today is the one year anniversary of the tragic skiing accident that has left Michael Schumacher immobile ever since. A lot has happened over the past 12 months and speculation ran wild throughout the entire ordeal, and still does.

The following is the timeline of events, dating back to the moment Schumacher's accident occurred. We cut out any speculation and things later proved false, trying to give you a smooth timeline of factual events and news worthy items. This tragedy not only rocked the racing world, but also rippled into the mainstream media. A sporting titan had fallen, and it was heart-wrenching to watch.

Without further ado, here's a look back at the timeline of events, starting with that fateful day on the 29th of December, 2013. 

12-29-13: Michael Schumacher suffers traumatic brain injury, fading in and out of consciousness. He is airlifted to Hospital of Moutiers, stated as being in critical condition. He is then transported to Grenoble hospital, where he remains for six months.

12-30-13: Schumacher is operated on in order to remove brain hemorrhaging and treat intracranial pressure. Doctors also find severe lesions on Schumacher's brain. He is placed in a medically induced coma.

12-31-13: French Media reports Schumacher's helmet cracked in the high speed impact, but saved his life. It is also learned that Schumacher undergoes a second operation, evacuating several hematomas from his brain, however several lesions remained. Doctors say he is showing 'slight' signs of improvement. A so-called journalist, dressed as priest tries to enter hospital room.

1-3-14: Michael Schumacher turns 45.

1-7-14: Investigators probing the accident rule out faulty skis, inadequate signage and excessive speed as possible causes of his life-threatening fall. They also describe the accident, saying he was thrown into the air after striking one rock, landing head-first onto another.

1-14-14: Schumacher undergoes delicate procedure to remove a small part of his skull in another attempt to relieve pressure on his brain.

1-30-14: Doctors begin to gradually wake Schumacher from coma in incredibly tedious process.

2-17-14: Investigation into skiing accident comes to an end, no one is found guilty of any violations.

3-21-14: Reports emerge that in the in three months since the accident, Schumacher has lost a quarter (25%) of his overall bodyweight, weighing approx. 121lbs (55kgs). Doctors ease concerns, saying dramatic loss in weight is expected in this situations.

6-16-14: Schumacher moved from ICU of Grenoble to a rehab ward at University Hospital in Lausanne. He has been woken from the medically induced coma.

6-23-14: Schumacher's private medical documents are stolen and put up for sale.

7-11-14: Michael's wife Corinna remains hopeful, saying that her husband is continuing to show small, but positive signs of improvement.

8-6-14: Man who stole Schumacher medical documents commits suicide by hanging himself inside his jail cell. He was an executive of the Swiss helicopter rescue company, Rega, which had organized Schumacher's transfer from Grenoble ICU to a rehab clinic in Lausanne.

9-9-14: Schumacher finally returns home to Switzerland on the shores of Lake Geneva, but still in a mostly unresponsive, almost comatose state.

9-15-14: Experts say that being home and around familiar surroundings will help aid Schumacher emotionally and mentally as his recovery continues.

9-23-14: Tragedy has not deterred son Mick in his racing aspirations as he is crowned vice-champion of FIA-sanctioned KF-Junior Karting category.

10-13-14: GoPro falls in stock market with claims made that camera's mount contributed to the severity of Schumacher's brain injury.

12-29-14: Nothing new to update despite speculation that he is now recognizing his family. Hope remains that he will recover.

Forza Schumi.

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