Mercedes won't force pre-race agreement between Hamilton and Rosberg

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has said his team has no intention of trying to sort out a pre-race pact between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg to avoid first corner trouble in the Mexican Grand Prix.

The team's two drivers have qualified on the front row for Formula 1's return to Mexico and, just a week after they made contact in Austin, the potential for more trouble is clear.

But despite having spoken independently to both drivers about what happened at the United States Grand Prix, Wolff does not feel the need to hold further talks with his men about what should happen in the race.

“It is always tricky when it is so close between team-mates, or close between racing cars in general,” said Wolff. “That is why we are here.

“We want to see them race, and not pre-agree before the race starts who goes through the first corner first and who goes second. It would make the whole thing much less exciting. For us, as a team, it is always a challenge.”

Race hard

Wolff has said that he is eager for both his drivers to keep racing hard, although does not want the aggression level to become too much and cause trouble.

“We continue to support them in racing hard and optimising their result,” he explained. “Of course, for the team it is very important to have no controversy in the team.

“Obviously, if the cars collide, that creates controversy and, if it is getting a tiny bit too hard, it is causing controversy as well. There is no need to discuss it again further.

“We have had conversations regularly and we have had discussions after Austin, and they are both absolutely aware of that situation.”

Austin review

Wolff revealed that he had reviewed many times video footage of what happened at Austin and felt that perhaps both men had been too aggressive.

“I have looked at the situation at Turn 1 30 times over the last week in order to make up my mind,” he said. “My conclusion is that both Nico and Lewis raced each other hard, and it was under tricky circumstances in a difficult corner.

“They were side-by-side, maybe even Nico having a tiny little advantage on the outside. It was hard racing. Do I want to see cars touching? No I don't want to see that…”

He added: “We have had the conversation around Turn 1, and it doesn't need to be dragged out in the media how that is happening because I am not the headmaster or the head teacher - as they are the best two drivers out there.

“At a certain stage the responsibility needs to be in their hands, and sometimes it is harder and sometimes trickier for us.

“The fundamental rules remain the same. We don't want any controversy in the team, we don't want any tension in the team, because there are 1200 people in the world who are the best in the business. Everybody needs to understand that, and they do.”

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