Mercedes offers glimpse of new exhausts

Mercedes has become the first team to offer a glimpse of its new 2016 Formula 1 exhaust, after revealing images of a twin wastegate solution on Monday.

Although the W07 is not to be shown in public until pre-season testing starts at Barcelona in Spain next week, the Brackley-based team has released a short video of its engine fire-up.

And although other teams have already beaten it in releasing audio of their own fire-ups, Mercedes is the first one to show a glimpse of its car.

The shot of the exhausts as the engine fire-ups shows the main exhaust – as well as a double solution for the wastegate. revealed back at the Monaco Grand Prix that teams have been working on a solution to ramp up the noise following complaints from fans.

The solution approved by the FIA is to have separate exhaust pipes for the turbine and the wastegate – with teams given the option of having either one or two wastegate exits.

Article 5.8.2 of F1's Technical Regulations states: "Engine exhaust systems must have only a single turbine tailpipe exit and either one or two wastegate tailpipe exits which must all be rearward facing and through which all exhaust gases must pass.

"All and only the turbine exit exhaust gases must pass through the turbine tailpipe and all and only the wastegate exhaust gases must pass through the wastegate tailpipe(s). None of the tailpipes may be contained within any of the other tailpipes."

Mercedes released a tweet shortly after the video was released suggesting the pipe layout was the solution that would feature on the 2016 car.

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