Mercedes introduces new front wing concept


Mercedes has delivered further evidence of its aggressive push on aerodynamics after leading the way with a new approach to front wing design.

First appearing at the Japanese Grand Prix, and remaining on the car in Russia, the Mercedes W06 features a serrated edge on the penultimate flap.

The design is similar to the concept used by McLaren last year in the middle of its rear wing, but this is believed to be the first time that a team has tried it at the front of the car.


Jenson Button, McLaren
Jenson Button, McLaren

Photo by: XPB Images

The use of the 'teeth' on the top of the flap is aimed to helping improve balance by creating a number of small vortex.

These vortices will help ensure the wing performs at different speeds by preventing airflow separation, which can happen if the wing is put at too high an angle of attack.

Best got better

With Mercedes able to win the constructors' championship in Russia this weekend, Lewis Hamilton said he had been impressed with the way his team had pushed the boundaries this year.

"To think we were going into this year thinking there's no way we can surpass last year, and we have in many, many ways," he said.

"I think people generally take for granted what an amazing job a large group of people can do. It doesn't just have to be F1, it can be in a business, it could be anywhere.

"One thing I get to see is how on point every individual in this team has been since I joined. For them to now start to see the fruits of their labour, the last couple of years – it's very easy for a team to have success like last year and then drop the ball, get complacent.

"This team has just continued to power through, to keep pushing. Every individual that's in this team they want to do their job to the best of their ability and push the boundaries and be even better.

"So that we're are at a weekend like this where we are fighting for the world championship and are able to say we are the best."

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