Mercedes duo predict more troubled F1 starts

Mercedes duo Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton think that the scope of Formula 1's new race start restrictions will be enough to shake things up away at the lights.

The FIA revealed last week the extent of a new clampdown on driver aids aimed at making starts less predictable: which will minimise team control and ban any radio communication advice.

Rosberg is convinced that the changes will be enough to make things harder for the drivers, which will open the door for mistakes to be made.

In particular, if drivers don't get it right they can suffer either too much wheelspin, or burn out the clutch for a compromised getaway. Even worse, they could end up stalling.

"It is good," said Rosberg in an edition of the Mercedes F1 team's weekly Studio Show. "It is going to be make it even more exciting and will be even more in our hands to make it more difficult.

"That will throw in a lot of variables and it will be much more difficult to predict the outcome of the start. All good."

Hamilton predicts trouble

Although Hamilton says that the job of the drivers will not change much – as there will be no hardware tweaks or different systems – he accepts there will be scope for drivers to get things wrong.

"It doesn't make a huge difference," he said. "We still have the same responsibility it so doesn't change anything.

"But when you do the start from the grid [at the moment], the team can calculate how much grip there is and how much torque delivery the engine is giving. So if you have too much torque you get wheelspin. If not enough then there is no wheelspin and it is a slow getaway.

"The team can then tell you to put the torque up or down. Now we can't do that, and we can't ourselves do torque up and down. There will be such a differential between the first and real start that there will be a lot of people getting bad starts."


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