McLaren urges Honda to put corporate culture aside


McLaren racing director Eric Boullier has urged Honda to put its corporate culture to one side in a bid to fast-track efforts to improve its Formula 1 engine.

On the back of a disappointing British Grand Prix weekend which highlighted the progress the new McLaren-Honda partnership needs to make, the team is facing increasing scrutiny over its situation.

And amid a fresh push from McLaren to offer Honda more of its own assistance, and suggestions the Japanese manufacturer should look outside its own company for experienced staff, Boullier is adamant that delivering performance has to take priority.

To adopt such a policy would need a shift of Honda culture in traditionally wanting its own engineers to solve problems in a methodical way.

Speaking to about the perceived reluctance of Honda to embrace a different approach, Boullier said: "We need to forget all this bullshit. This is Formula 1. This is racing.

"If you are in F1 it is to do F1 – whether you are African, English or Japanese.

"If you are in F1, you have to do things the F1 way and at the standard of F1. Nothing else."

More questions

Boullier has admitted that McLaren is increasing the pressure on Honda 'massively', but denies that the team is getting frustrated with the situation.

Instead, he thinks that ongoing struggles on track are just highlighting the issues that the team is facing as it approach the midway point of the season.

"I don't think there is a public frustration; this is just about asking more and more precise questions because it is obvious where we are missing most of the performance," he said.

"We have to answer that. I don't think there is a point of frustration, we are just saying what is going on."

Offer of help

McLaren is ready to offer all the help it can to help Honda, but knows that it is down to the Japanese manufacturer to decide if it wants to accept or not.

"We have a lot of expertise which we can share with them, which we try to share with them," he said. "It is up to them to listen and to use it or not.

"Our expertise is just a little bit of boost. We are not making engines. This is Honda, it is their responsibility. But as far as we can help, we will always help because we are one team."

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