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McLaren's Alex Wurz talks about the San Marino Grand Prix Q: How do you feel now having had chance to look back on last weekend's San Marino Grand Prix? Alexander Wurz. Photo by Alex Wurz: It was a super weekend for me.

McLaren's Alex Wurz talks about the San Marino Grand Prix

Q: How do you feel now having had chance to look back on last weekend's San Marino Grand Prix?

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Alex Wurz: It was a super weekend for me. Opportunities like that one don't come around often, and like for many other drivers out there, it was my dream to race for Team McLaren Mercedes and San Marino was that long hoped-for weekend. I scored five points for the team which I hope helps us in the championship. It would have been fantastic if Kimi could have finished his race as well, that would have given us much more points in total.

Q: Were you nervous when you lined up on the grid?

AW: Lining up on the grid is something really special, I enjoyed this moment very much, the mix of emotions, feelings and hopes gave me a great feeling. Usually on the grid I am really calm because everything has been dealt with already, also it felt like I had never had a race break at all -- everything was so clear in my head like when I was a full-time F1 race driver.

Q: Did you set yourself a target for the race?

AW: Yes, I wanted to score as many points as possible for the team and I was pleased with fourth place. My other goal was not to make any mistakes, because any small mistake or misjudgement is fatal with the current sporting regulations, so the plan was to work through the race weekend step by step."

Q: Was it easy to adapt to the new qualifying format?

AW: It was both easy and difficult! Difficult in terms of having to perform over just one lap and not make a mistake, also the fact that as a new driver you have to go out at the beginning of the qualifying session makes the whole weekend more difficult, for me as a driver, for the team and for the strategy.

On the other hand it was relatively easy because I was well supported over the weekend by the team, and from both a technical and driving side, the team had briefed me on the right points at the right time.

Q: How did you feel after the race?

AW: Crystal clear in my mind, but with a slight mix of feelings, because as I said before, I brought the car home with no mistakes and it was a good race, but on the other hand I am personally very ambitious and was disappointed that I lost too much time at the beginning of the race as I was held up behind Trulli, Webber and Sato. My speed alone in the middle of the race made me the fastest Michelin runner.

Q: How did the race evolve for you?

AW: When we decided on our strategy for San Marino we knew that it would end up as a very tactical race as overtaking is almost impossible at the Imola circuit. So being stuck in that train of cars the team told me to save the tyres and the fuel. The critical moment came when the competition around me went into the pits, I had two laps to make a gap of two seconds. I managed it and that meant that I was able to overtake three cars during the pit stops.

Q: Did you feel quite emotional as the end of the race?

AW: Yes I did feel this great mix of emotion at the end of the race and that is the special thing of competitive racing. At the end of the race this extremely challenging chapter which takes up all your concentration and time over the last few days is closed, finished and done. Certainly during the race weekend I tried to keep my emotions in check and stay calm and focused. That is what I have always done as a driver and that is what I did over the weekend but I was very happy.

Q: What are your plans now?

AW: Right after this interview I'm off to the hairdressers to have a haircut. Then tomorrow I have a free day, so fingers crossed the wind will be good as I plan to hit the sea and go kitesurfing. Then it's back to testing again and we need to keep pushing hard to help improve our car and tyre performance.

While we're on the subject of testing, I'd like to say that I drove my race in San Marino for the test team and I'd like to thank them for all their hard work and support. They are almost like an extended family. People often forget the fact that testing is extremely hard work and very competitive. Basically, the test team rocks! - I needed to get that in at the end of the interview!"


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