Why McLaren is betting on Renault, despite Red Bull's disaffection


So desperate are Red Bull and McLaren for success in Formula 1, they are both prepared to gamble massively on the engine supply front. The next 12 months should indicate whether either can revive its fortunes.

For those who believe in Karma, the next 12 months in Formula 1 should make for fascinating viewing. McLaren and Red Bull both face a reckoning in 2018 that could have serious ramifications for their respective futures, and their respective reputations as two of grand prix racing's powerhouse teams.

Those reputations are hard won and easily lost. McLaren's has been slowly eroded by almost five full seasons of chronic underachievement, while Red Bull has gradually lost the aura of dominance it enjoyed with Renault in the latter part of F1's V8 era, before V6 hybrid turbos ruined everything.

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Series Formula 1
Teams McLaren , Red Bull Racing
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