Video: McLaren's Halo development explained


The ways in which the Formula 1 Halo will be developed by teams for aerodynamic reasons in 2018 are revealed in the latest video from’s The Flying Lap.

Technical analyst Craig Scarborough interviews grand prix-winning aerodynamicist Willem Toet, who explains the idea behind the halo development experiments trialled by McLaren.

“You’re allowed about 20mm of devices around the halo, the idea in the rules was you use this to reduce its drag, make it streamlined,” says Toet.

“But actually what the teams are going to want to do is to move the natural position of the wake to somewhere where you are not going to do any damage to the rest of the car.”

Toet looks at the McLaren concept in detail, which he describes as “almost like an aircraft wing, but not quite” – with the help of the latest 3D animation from

Toet also explains what surprises him about what McLaren has done, and just how significant a design such as this might be in terms of performance.

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