McLaren: Formula 1 costs needs a rethink

Formula 1 needs a rethink about how it approaches the whole issue of costs, reckons McLaren, amid concerns the push to drive down budgets is helping nobody.

The FIA has long made clear that one of its priorities is to ensure the survival of the smaller teams, who are struggling with finding an ever escalating amount of money.

But McLaren racing director Eric Boullier thinks all efforts to contain expenditure have failed, and all they are doing is preventing big-money teams at the front closing in on pace-setters Mercedes.

"I would back Bernie [Ecclestone] and say if you cannot afford it, don't come," Boullier told

"If you can afford it, then let teams do what they want.

"There needs to be a framework of regulations, I agree, but to force the costs down, this is the wrong way for me.

"If you want to come to F1 you should be able to afford it, and the manufacturers can afford it. So it is not question of being able to afford it or not.

"Who are those struggling in F1? The teams at the back of the grid. But the problem is you are hurting the big teams and saving nothing for the small teams. And it is pain for everybody."

Boullier goes as far as suggesting that there should be a costs free-for-all, as that would ultimately help in delivering a closer battle at the front.

"If somebody wants to have all their doors in gold then let them do what they want," he said.

"As long as you can frame the regulations – and allow the regulations to remain stable, then we will all get there.

"Then you will have a competitive field like 2012 and 2013 was."

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