Massa says Formula 1 is dangerous enough

Williams driver Felipe Massa believes Formula 1 is dangerous enough, the Brazilian saying he disagrees with the views of Kimi Raikkonen and Niki Lauda.

Ferrari driver Raikkonen said last week that grand prix racing needed to be more dangerous in order to make it more exciting for the fans.

Former world champion Lauda backed Raikkonen's view, saying F1 cars should scare drivers.

But Massa believes that any plans to make Formula 1 more exciting do not need to include making it less safe.

"When I see Kimi and Lauda saying F1 needs to be more dangerous, I don't agree that it should be more dangerous," said Massa in Austria on Thursday.

"I believe it should be better. It should be more intelligent.

"I think in Formula 1 we've always had a lot of change, but maybe sometimes change is not changing anything."

The Brazilian also warned that plans to make the cars faster should be well thought out, as he reckons things could get worse if the changes are not intelligent.

"I understand it's interesting to make the cars quicker, but if you just make the car five seconds quicker and you see even less overtaking than there is now people will complain anyway," he added.

"I want the car to be as quick as it can, but I think the changes need to be intelligent. The change doesn't need to just make the cars quicker on the track because if you are three seconds quicker on the television nobody understands.

"I think the change needs to be intelligent, not just putting a lot of downforce in the car.

"People want to see competition, they want to see overtaking, they want to see fights, and I think that needs to be the change. "


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