Mark Webber at Porsche for Le Mans 2014? We want to believe.

Porsche not denying the possibility of Webber joining the team for their return to La Sarthe next year.

Yes it’s just a rumor. Yes we’re still over a year away from the 2014 Le Mans 24 Hours. Yes, lots of things could happen between now and then. Yes. It’s. Just. A. Rumor.

But it makes sense doesn’t it. It makes sense that a disgruntled number two driver in F1’s top team would make the jump to sportscars in easily the biggest official manufacturer return to Le Mans this century. The timing is about right too.

Sure, the absence of a denial from Porsche doesn’t make it true, but that’s how rumors start, and sometimes become reality.

Regardless, we all want this to happen.

Mark Webber fans want him to dump that ungrateful Red Bull team and join the elite Porsche works team for a glorious return to La Sarthe.

Mark Webber haters want him to take his bad attitude and second-rate driving skills away from Red Bull – let him finish out his retirement years in sportscars.

The point is, either way you fall on the Red Bull team orders issue, this rumor becoming true would make a lot of fans happy.

Something else we can all agree on: Webber’s out at the end of this year, if not earlier. So what should he do? Perhaps his final years in F1 have grayed his hair enough that he’s sick of the whole thing. A quiet life of mountain biking and F1 commentary for an Aussie sport channel might do him good.

But it makes so much sense for him to return to Le Mans. And it’s probable, actually highly likely, that Webber still has the desire to compete, and to win. There are few teams better to join than Porsche for success at Le Mans – even if it’s their return after decades of absence in the top class. Much like Red Bull Racing, Porsche doesn’t do anything unless it’s done properly.

He has an interesting history at the famed 24 Hour race – his ode to the Wright brothers remains one of the most infamous moments in the race’s history, only eclipsed by his then teammate Peter Dumbreck’s own adventures during the race beamed live to millions of people watching on television. At the end of the day, sportscar racing is not unfamiliar to Webber, and he could easily find a comfortable home among the top Porsche drivers. A season in the World Endurance Championship and Le Mans. It clicks.

Yes, it’s just a rumor, and yes, few things in life ever fall into place in a way that makes such good sense. But until there is a denial from either Webber or Porsche, we can keep on dreaming.

In the meantime, check out what happened the last time Webber drove at Le Mans. Skip to about the 2:30 mark for the goods.

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