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Keep your eyes on the prize

We have started already. Yes, that’s right, the wheels have started spinning and Monte Carlo felt a sense of lift-off today as one of the greatest spectacles in the world of sport got underway.

Boats in the harbour
Boats in the harbour

Photo by: xpb.cc

Some might say “well this is only the dress rehearsal, I’m only going to tune in on Sunday”. Well, that may be the case to a certain extent – today was, after all, a practice day. But this was a day of trialling new tyres, reminding oneself about the twists and turns of this most unusual of circuits and concentrating 100%.

In short, this was a day of absolute concentration. The time allocated to try out this season’s F1 cars here in Monte Carlo is very much of the essence. There is today and Saturday morning to practise. On Saturday afternoon, it’s Qualifying. And because the amount of time is so small, drivers have to use it well. Picture yourself driving around a street in a pleasant Cote D’Azur town, travelling at 280 kilometres per hour – not everyday stuff really, is it?

And that’s why this race, and today included, requires such immense driver concentration. This is no ordinary circuit - there are tight corners, chicanes and a tunnel to contend with. Aside from all that, there’s the gleaming blue water, picture postcard mountain backdrop and thousands of style icons in every direction you look. For the drivers, concentration is absolutely paramount, and the training for that begins today because come Saturday, there will be no second chances. Qualifying, as everyone in the sport will say, sets the scene for Sunday.

Overtaking chances are few and far between this weekend, and so where you qualify could well be where you finish come the chequered flag on Sunday afternoon.

Concentration is what it is all about here. Absolutely no-one will want to take their eye off the prize.

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