Losing Italian GP would be 'as bad' as no German GP, says Heidfeld

Nick Heidfeld commented on the uncertain future of the Monza F1 race.

Former Grand Prix driver Nick Heidfeld says that losing the Italian Grand Prix would be as bad for F1 as having no German race.

The former Sauber, BMW and Jordan driver who started 183 Grand Prix between 2000 and 2011 believes that the heritage of F1 will suffer if the Monza race goes the same way as the former mainstays of the F1 season – the French and German Grand Prix.

“There is a long history of motorsport in Germany and it is disappointing to not have a Grand Prix in Germany,” said Heidfeld. “I am sure the fans are looking from the outside and are thinking ‘this is very strange.’

“There are a couple of very good German drivers (Vettel and Rosberg) and big organisations in F1 and also big sponsors. Having had two races in the past and all of this activity in F1 it is a big pity and really just doesn’t make any sense.”

“I think if there were to be no more Grand Prix in Italy this would be even stranger because of the heritage. But you also have to understand the perspective of F1 being a business.

"I understand that but as a former Grand Prix driver and a fan of the sport it really doesn’t make sense at all. You have to weigh up the commercial and the heritage of the sport.”

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