Let them race

I'm getting fed up with teams not allowing their drivers to battle it out as they should be.

Throughout every season of Formula One, teammates and their role becomes a topic of discussion. This year is no different. Mercedes, Red Bull, Williams, and Ferrari have all had front-page news regarding this issue.

Some believe in the idea of having a first and second driver. I for one don't agree with that thought logic. I believe teammates should battle each other without team bosses shouting orders. All drivers have the desire to win. Limiting them on that fact can only hurt your team. Good competition breeds excellence.

Mercedes' failed attempt to employ team orders in Hungary

It makes me upset hearing radio chatter telling someone to get out of the way. That just shouldn't happen. During the Hungarian GP, we heard it again, this time from the Mercedes team. I couldn’t understand why Hamilton was told to let Rosberg pass. Hamilton did the right thing. He kept his race going.  

Rosberg needs to catch and pass him without outside assistance. Hamilton should not have to slow down. He wants to win the championship just as much as Rosberg does. I really felt for Massa earlier this season. He lost a championship before because of team orders. Massa doesn't want to let that happen again. I saw no problem with him forcing Bottas to fight for the position. Bottas said he was faster than Massa and if that's the case, then pass him; it's simple as that.  

Red Bull is doing it right

If your teammate is fast, it will only make you faster. Ricciardo and Vettel come to mind. Lots of people assumed Vettel would be above Ricciardo this season on the points table, but a very different story is unfolding. Ricciardo is the faster driver and because of this, Vettel is looking for ways to get back on top. Vettel has to try a lot harder this year to prove his number one status within the team. It's a sink or swim mentality. Get out on the track and do your job.

My favorite teammate battle that I witnessed was between Senna and Prost. They fought it out on the track. There is only one champion at the end of the season and they both wanted it. As a fan, this what I come to see. I don’t watch racing for manufacturer championships.  

I watch for the drivers championship. I prefer a strong individual effort. Show us that you want to win, make it known that you are better than your teammate and everyone else on the grid. All this makes for a more exciting season.

Fans come to watch racing, not time trials lap after lap.

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