Lauda: MotoGP “the most incredible racing” compared to F1


Mercedes Formula 1 chief Niki Lauda believes MotoGP racing is currently more spectacular to watch than its four-wheeled equivalent.

Three-time F1 World Champion Lauda spoke to media during a visit to the Czech Grand Prix at Brno, and said he was hugely impressed with the spectacle of the top level of two-wheeled racing machines.

“It’s unbelievable, 350kph or more, and to watch how they control them – it’s the most incredible racing you can see today,” said Lauda.

“Unfortunately, in Formula 1 it is the opposite. The cars are so easy to drive that you don’t see skids or something similar.

“It is difficult to cope well with the bikes, and it shows why we are working on the cars to be more difficult to drive again."

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