Kubica update with Dr. Rossello

Lotus Renault update on Robert with Dr. Rossello

Dr. Rossello, can you give us an update on Robert's condition today?

I saw him this morning around 8:30am. He is doing pretty well and his condition is positive considering what he has been through. The good news is that there have been no complications following all the surgery he has had recently.

You performed the surgery on his hand -- what more can you tell us about that...

He can move his fingers slightly and has a little bit of sensitivity already in his hand. What is very important is that there is no sign of infection, which is the main concern.

Last week he moved from intensive care to the rehabilitation department -- what did that involve?

Yes, he no longer needs intensive care so he has begun the rehabilitation process. He is now in his own large room so that he is as comfortable as possible. He has already started some gentle hand exercises with the slight flexing of his fingers.

Is he in good spirits?

He's no longer in pain and his psychological condition is pretty good. He's obviously keen to start the rehabilitation work as soon as possible.

How much longer will he spend in the rehabilitation department?

It's difficult to say. For the next couple of weeks, he will stay here so we can monitor his condition. During that time there is still the possibility of infection and other complications so he will have the dressings on his hand changed every few days. After two weeks we will assess his next move.

-source: lotus renault

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