Korean GP: Red Bull qualifying report

A GREAT START TO OUR RACING KOREA Car 5 SEBASTIAN VETTEL, Position: POLE POSITION "It's a special feeling to be on pole it was very close. The track is good here in the first sector there's not so much you can do, just hit your braking points at...


"It's a special feeling to be on pole it was very close. The track is good here in the first sector there's not so much you can do, just hit your braking points at the right time, but the second and third sectors are quite entertaining with nice flowing corners, but it's easy to make a mistake. It was a small margin for pole, but it was enough and it was a good result as yesterday we didn't have smooth running. We had a puncture in the practice, so I hadn't done too many laps on the new track, which makes it harder to get into a rhythm. You have to take every race as it comes, Japan was a good result, but now in Korea all the focus is on tomorrow's race. The car was quick today, no doubt, but you still need to get the job done and the most important thing is that you remain calm, which we all did as we knew what we had in us. So, we got the job done today, but let's see for tomorrow."

Car 6 MARK WEBBER, Position: 2nd
"I wasn't that happy on my first timed laps to be honest, so it was more comfortable for me to do two timed laps for my last run. It worked out okay, but obviously it was very close with Seb and I got second on the grid. It's not a bad position to start the race, but it would have been nice to get pole, still we can get a good result from there. I'm starting on the dirty side of the grid tomorrow and Fernando (Alonso, in third) will be solid off the line, but that's not going to make or break the Championship, so we'll press on from there we're certainly in a good position."

CHRISTIAN HORNER: "A fantastic team performance today. A one two start on the grid at this new circuit is a great result and the drivers were again split by the narrowest of margins. They elected to take different strategies in Q3, Sebastian focused on two one-lap runs while Mark elected to do two laps on his last run. The difference between the two of them was almost identical to the gap in Japan, so a great team performance. We need to continue this tomorrow and hopefully the weather won't interfere with the race."

(Renault) FABRICE LOM: "A really impressive performance from our two drivers on this new track we are the first team in history to have pole and the first front row on the grid in Korea, so we are very proud of that. It's also good for the Championship as Alonso is behind us with the McLarens further back, so we are in good shape. Let's hope there's not too much rain, as predictions are not good for tomorrow's weather but we will prepare with our usual professionalism."

Practice 3
Mark Webber: P4 Best Time: 1:37.441, Laps: 13, Chassis 3
Sebastian Vettel: P16 Best Time: 1:39.780, Laps: 9, Chassis 5


If you want to know what's really happening in F1, social media sites are now the go-to places to find out what the so- called experts are saying. If only they were saying something intelligent...

UltimateF1fan who thinks everything's just amazing: Oooo!!!! A new race!!!! It must so amazing to go to a new place all those amazing new experiences and the chance to explore interesting cultures!! J.e.a.l.o.u.s!!!!!!

CynicalF1hack Living in 1981 and Vaguely Frightened by Anything New: The most interesting cultures I've found so far are the ones growing in my hotel room. I gather I'm staying in something known as a 'love hotel'. Have to admit I'm not feeling the love at the moment.

Third driver with a grudge: Try the vending machines, plenty of love in those. It's a great circuit. They've done a good job. Particularly with that long straight, it's like the Mistral at Paul Ricard but with JCBs and hardhats.

Team Technician Who Knows Less Than He Thinks He Does But Has an Opinion on Everything: Indeed, a very interesting track, but of course, we must remember that the asphalt is new and thus will present several problems for the drivers, not the least of which is rubbering in a track which is still settling and has the potential for a negative grip to slippery ooze quotient. A tricky balancing act.

Gridgirl-on-a-mission: Speaking of slippery and oozing, I went for lunch at one of the teams today and had something slippery and oozing. I asked the chef if they were struggling with the supermarkets here and he just shouted at me and told me it was schnitzel like always. I asked a local about it and he said what I was eating was very interesting but that he'd never heard of silk worm larvae schnitzel...

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