Karthikeyan and Chandhok say Bianchi could have achieved a lot

Former Indian Formula 1 drivers Karun Chandhok and Narain Karthikeyan paid their tribute to Jules Bianchi.

The 25-year-old died on Friday in France, nine months after the tragic incident at last year's Japanese Grand Prix.

Bianchi was a test driver for Ferrari in 2011 when Chandhok was with Team Lotus while Karthikeyan was racing for the HRT team during the same season when Bianchi was stepping into F1.

However, Chandhok had met Bianchi prior to his F1 journey begun.

"I had first met Jules [Bianchi], when he was doing Formula 3, it was clear from the stage that he had a lot of speed and also quite aggressive race craft," said Chandhok.

"In F1, Bianchi did a very good job," he added while talking about Bianchi's first points for Marussia in Monaco.

Karthikeyan hadn't interacted a lot with Bianchi, whatever little they spoke was in the paddock or driver's parade, he recalled.

But the Indian was impressed with what he had seen of Bianchi. "He was a talented guy. He showed speed and promise in Formula 3, GP2, and Formula Renault 3.5," said Karthikeyan to Press Trust of India.

"He could have achieved a lot," the Indian added.

Incidents part of the sport

Both Karthikeyan and Chandhok insisted that accidents are part of this sport and that is the reality.

"We have to be mentally very strong," Karthikeyan said.

"You cannot be safe when you are doing speeds in excess of 300km/hr. You just have to respect the reality of the sport," he added, when asked whether incidents like these affects a driver's mind.

Chandhok described Bianchi's accident as 'freak' and stated that it was an 'unfortunate' case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

"A few feet either side would have saved Bianchi's life but sometimes the sport throws a cruel blow," he concluded.

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