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Press release issued to "Racing Into The Future" by Louise Goodman, Jordan Grand Prix Ltd The Grand Prix cars which will race in the 1995 World Championship show a marked difference to the cars on the track in 1994. This year sees ...

Press release issued to "Racing Into The Future" by Louise Goodman, Jordan Grand Prix Ltd

The Grand Prix cars which will race in the 1995 World Championship show a marked difference to the cars on the track in 1994. This year sees the implementation of the remaining design changes brought into effect by the FIA to increase safety in the sport, and those new regulations have presented the Formula One teams with a whole new design challenge.

Total Jordan Peugeot Technical Director Gary Anderson, who heads the design team at Jordan Grand Prix, describes here the effects those regulation changes have had on his team's new car - the Jordan Peugeot 195.

"The new FIA technical regulations have played a major part in dictating the design of this year's car" says Anderson. "The need to incorporate those changes has forced us to re-think a lot of the packaging and as a result the car looks quite different. Certainly we would not have made so many of the visible changes had the requirement to do so not been dictated to us by the new regulations; The car would have been far more an evolution of last year's chassis."

"The structural changes, which were principally brought in on the grounds of safety - have entailed changing the whole theory of the packaging. The end result is that the cars will not look nearly as pretty: Aesthetically they will not be nearly so pleasing - and as a designer I find that quite difficult to accept. I know from experience that if the car looks good, it instills greater pride in all those who work with it. However, I should add that it's amazing how attractive an ugly car suddenly becomes when it takes the chequered flag ahead of the rest of the field!"

"In terms of the aerodynamics those structural changes have meant throwing away a large amount of the information which we had gleaned from previous cars. It's the same for everyone. If anything we have suffered less because we only had four years of data. For some of the teams - those which have been around for longer than us - you are talking about ten or more years of information into the bin! We've basically all had to start our aerodynamic research programmes again. That should hopefully prove to be good for the formula because it's brought everybody back to the same starting point and as a result, the racing should be closer."

"The suspension on the 195 is reasonably different to that featured on it's predecessor, the 194. It's probably best described as a logical development of the previous suspension package, but we have had to compensate for the loss of downforce which has resulted from the structural changes we've been forced to make. The suspension now plays a much bigger part percentage-wise in the overall performance of the car; it's a more complex system, based on the theory that we will be trying to exploit its potential further than we have had to in previous years."

"We have used far more composite components in the suspension this year to increase the installation stiffness without having to pay a weight penalty. We have also designed and built out own shock absorbers for the first time - previously our shocks have been developed in conjunction with Penske. Again this has been done to afford us more potential to optimise the suspension characteristics."

"As far as the transmission is concerned, the 195 features a new 7 speed longitudinal gearbox. With the torque reduction in the engines - which are 3 litre units this year - this enables us to use a narrower rev band. That in turn enables Peugeot to increase power at the peak end of the range. Another factor which influenced our decision to go for a 7 speed box is the use of the hydroelectronic gearchange. It's so fast that you really don't pay a penalty any more by having 7 gears. It currently takes about 25 milliseconds to change gear - that equates to about 0.15 seconds to go from 1st to 7th. That's faster than we used to be able to change one gear in 1991 when the boxes were operated manually! We went for a longitudinal box for aerodynamic reasons because it enables us to package it better. We have also put the gears in front of the differential this year to aid weight distribution."

"Another important feature of this year's car is that the clutch is hand-operated on the steering wheel - rather like a gear-change lever. The main benefit of this system is the performance advantage it gives to the drivers - it enables them to utilise 'left foot' braking and so keep the power on the throttle for longer."

"Probably the biggest change for us on the technical front this year though is our new partnership with Peugeot. The benefits of our new-found status as a 'works' team are enormous and have significant ramifications - not just in terms of the design of the car, but throughout the whole technical side of the company."

"Peugeot has the manpower and the funding to get things done and as a result the requirement for data is significantly larger. Consequently the technical package of the car is much more complex - there are more 'gismos' on it if you like. That has necessitated staff increases on our side and we now have a total of eight people working on the design team. There is still a small amount of 'redefining' to be completed within both Jordan and Peugeot to maximise the benefits of the new partnership. From a Jordan point of view however this is a very positive development in the evolution of the team and I think we've all been pleasantly surprised at how relatively few problems the changes have presented."

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