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Cochet, Prost Grand Prix Formula 1 test driver, won the Formula 3 World Cup in Korea. By winning last weekend& ...

Cochet, Prost Grand Prix Formula 1 test driver, won the Formula 3 World Cup in Korea.

By winning last weekend’s event in Korea, and after having been close to set an astonishing performance in the same event in Macao a week earlier, Jonathan COCHET, the young PROST GRAND-PRIX test driver, is ultimately proving that he has all the makings of a future Formula 1 driver.

After winning in 2000 the international races of Pau (Eurocup), Zandvoort (F3 Marlboro Masters) as well as the French Formula 3 championship, this latest victory, in front of the international elite of young drivers, completes Jonathan’s unique list of achievements in motorsports.

The young French driver, who had his first taste of Formula One in 2001 thanks to Alain PROST who chose him as official test driver, confirms that he is more than ever the most reliable young driver of his generation.

Jonathan Cochet:
"I am extremely happy to have won this international race, after having achieved the pole position as well the best lap on this track. Winning there the way I did, and in front of the best among the young drivers of my generation - most of whom already integrated F1 - was the best way for me to show my skills to drive a single-seater. This victory is even more important as it happens in a particular moment of PROST GRAND-PRIX’ history. And I am proud to dedicate this success to Alain PROST, who has shown his total confidence in my talent by electing me as his Formula One team’s test driver this season."

Alain Prost:
“ « Jonathan’s latest success makes me feel extremely happy and proud for him. This shows how much we were right in trusting him by making him a part of Prost Grand Prix’ challenge. It is now clear that he carries the hopes of French motorsports alongside us.

This victory should without any doubt rise a lot of interest from all professionals, sponsors as well as from the public towards this young prodige, as the French public is more than ever in the wait of the French talent’s rebirth in F1 racing.

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