Jaguar Racing launches 2002 Jaguar R3

The Jaguar Racing team today unveiled its' 2002 challenger, the Jaguar R3, opposite its' factory in Milton Keynes (UK). Building on lessons learned in 2000 (with R1) and 2001 (with R2), this season's challenger is a more adventurous design than ...

The Jaguar Racing team today unveiled its' 2002 challenger, the Jaguar R3, opposite its' factory in Milton Keynes (UK). Building on lessons learned in 2000 (with R1) and 2001 (with R2), this season's challenger is a more adventurous design than either of its predecessors. R3 was designed by Chief Designer John Russell and Chief Aerodynamicist Mark Handford and their teams, under the overall direction of Technical Director Steve Nichols.

Announced alongside the Jaguar R3 is a new technical partnership with Castrol. Castrol is increasing its involvement in Formula One by becoming partner to Jaguar Racing in an agreement that includes the supply of engine oil, transmission fluids as well as dedicated technical support to the team at races and tests. In addition to lubricants, Castrol will also draw on the technical resources of its parent company, BP, to provide Jaguar Racing with associated fuels. The partnership with Jaguar Racing forms part of a wider business co-operation deal between Castrol and the Premier Automotive Group (the Ford Motor Company business group responsible for Jaguar, Aston Martin, Volvo, Land Rover and Lincoln). Under the agreement, Castrol will become the preferred lubricants supplier to Land Rover, Volvo and Jaguar cars worldwide.

"The Jaguar R3 has been conceived with the aim of achieving outstanding aerodynamic efficiency," explains Niki Lauda, Jaguar Racing's Team Principal. "We have not compromised the more traditional race-car attributes of low weight, low centre of gravity and good torsional stiffness. Its distinctive high-nose shape is the result of considerable wind tunnel research and the innovative use of laminates and construction methods. Aerodynamically, R3 will generate more downforce than R2 and exhibit improved sensitivity characteristics. And, as soon as we get our new wind tunnel going from next month, we will be able to begin a programme that will see us improving throughout the year," added Niki. "I'm confident we've made a real step forward with R3 and in a few days time, our drivers Eddie Irvine and Pedro de la Rosa will take R3 to the track in Barcelona for what promises to be a very exciting day for the team."

"This year, our target has been simple: to make the car go as fast as possible," says Steve Nichols. "That sounds obvious, and it is, but what I mean is that we've been more adventurous in our design philosophy this time. I guess we've concentrated on aerodynamics because we feel we were a little behind the game, aerodynamically, in 2001. Do not misunderstand me: we have some very good aero people at Jaguar Racing, but they have been hindered by the fact that our wind tunnel has been located in California all this time. Now that we have taken steps to rectify that situation, our whole operation will become easier and on par with how our competition operates."

As is self-evident, the R3 looks dramatically different from its predecessors. But at its core, R2 had significant strengths so the slate has not been wiped completely clean. "By comparison, R2 was arguably overly robust in some areas," recalls John Russell. "Therefore, with R3 we have been able to focus on reducing weight and improving aerodynamic performance, while building on the already proven qualities of the suspension, engine and transmission."

Cosworth Racing, the most successful engine builder in Formula One history, will continue to develop the CR-3 V10 engine that powered the Jaguar R2 last season. Nick Hayes, Managing Director at Cosworth Racing takes up the engine story: "I'm confident that, with the right development, the Cosworth CR-3 V10 engine will make significant further gains in 2002," says Hayes. "For example, the block and heads incorporate new design features, and we will introduce further modifications throughout the coming season. We are looking to improve not only ultimate power but also power-curve width, driveability and packaging. Indeed, despite the fact that CR-3 is an evolution of CR-2, we have nonetheless significantly lowered its centre of gravity without having had to resort to a wider V-angle or compromise its excellent packaging qualities. I would also like to mention Castrol at this point. Clearly, a good lubricant is vital to ensuring maximum efficiency of the many fast-moving parts inside an engine such as CR-3 - and, with a view to ensuring the very highest quality in this area, Jaguar Racing and Cosworth Racing have formed a very strong technical partnership with Castrol for 2002 and beyond. Castrol has the knowledge and expertise to make a major contribution to the development of the Jaguar Racing programme. They also have the experience of working alongside the world's leading race teams. We are very pleased with progress to date, and are confident of more improvements in the very near future."

Castrol's technical partnership with Jaguar Racing builds on their position as a leading lubricants supplier to Formula One. "We have a long and successful history of racing with Jaguar," said Stuart Smith, Technology Vice President for Castrol Lubricants. "This includes wins at both Le Mans and Daytona in the late 80's in the World Sportscar series. We are proud to once again be associated with one of the world's most distinguished racing marques".

"We are very excited at the prospect of having Castrol as our partner," said Niki Lauda, "Lubricants are a vital component for the car and can have a major influence on performance. As leaders in their field, we are delighted that Castrol will be able to bring their superior knowledge and technical expertise to our team."

The Jaguar R3 is planned to run for the first time at the Circuit de Cataluyna in Barcelona on Tuesday 8th January 2002.


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