Italian GP winners' press conference

1. Juan Pablo Montoya (Williams), 1:16:58.493 2. Rubens Barrichello (Ferrari), 1:17:03.668 3. Ralf Schumacher (Williams), 1:17:15.828 Q: Juan Pablo, your first win and the first for Colombia, how do you feel? Juan Pablo MONTOYA: I'm sorry...

1. Juan Pablo Montoya (Williams), 1:16:58.493
2. Rubens Barrichello (Ferrari), 1:17:03.668
3. Ralf Schumacher (Williams), 1:17:15.828

Q: Juan Pablo, your first win and the first for Colombia, how do you feel?

Juan Pablo MONTOYA: I'm sorry happy. First of all, I want to thank everyone at Williams, BMW, Michelin. They've done a fantastic job for me and I'm just so pleased with the result.

Q: Rubens, a great race for you, but it all seemed to go wrong at that first pit stop. What happened?

Rubens BARRICHELLO: I'm not really sure what happened. We lost a lot of time but as I said before, we put on a great show. The car was very good, Bridgestone did a fantastic job with the tyres and we were very competitive with the engine as well so it was great. But unfortunately we lost that little bit and it wasn't enough to win the race.

Q: Ralf, you got fastest lap but it seemed your car wasn't very consistent today. Was that the case?

Ralf SCHUMACHER: No I must say we didn't get the right the whole weekend basically. We had a few problems with tyres but the team did a fantastic job in finishing first and third and I think that's a great achievement and so big thanks to the team.

Q: Juan, we now go back to Indianapolis where you won the 500 the last time you were there. What are your feelings going into that race?

JPM: I think it's going to be a very emotional race for everybody. I'm very happy to go back there. Last time I was there I won. I've taken by first Formula One win now. The car should work pretty well there, so it should be quite interesting.

Q: Congratulations Juan Pablo. Was it getting a little frustrating not achieving this first win?

JPM: Not really, no. Considering it's my first year I wasn't really expecting to win when I came in. I had a couple of opportunities where I could have won it and I just said 'when the time is meant to come it will come.' I think it's a great day for me. My father is here, it's his birthday today so it's pretty good.

Q: It's an early birthday present for you too?

JPM: Yes, it's good. Exactly a year ago was my last win in CART, so that's pretty good.

Q: What happened when Rubens overtook you?

JPM: I got a blister on a rear tyre and I started sliding under braking. I made a mistake and he just passed me. Afterwards it took me a couple of laps to get back in the groove and I learned to really drive the car with that amount of oversteer and actually at the end of the run I was fairly quick. Then I think they went a bit too extreme with the front wing when I came in. We decided to take two holes out and it was a bit too much too much, so for half of the next run I had tons of understeer everywhere. Then it got better and better. The speed was there when I needed to turn it on. I was turning low 1m 26s all the time which was good enough. When they told me Ralf was catching me I went down to 1m 25s and my car was still competitive so it was still really good.

Q: Was the reason why you locked up a couple of times and you went across the first chicane to do with that lack of wing?

JPM: Initially, when I came into the first stop, I left the pits and I thought it should be pretty good with new tyres and everything, it should be fairly good and when I left, I had massive understeer everywhere and I thought I was going to be really slow.

Q: Rubens, do you think the two-stop strategy was right?

RB: I think to beat the Williams today it was definitely the right strategy, I think Ross Brawn was magic in thinking of that and giving us an opportunity to fight.

Q: Tell us about overtaking both Juan Pablo and Ralf.

RB: Juan Pablo had a problem with the rear tyres, he locked up when he saw that I was coming on the inside, we just had a fair fight and I went through. Ralf was struggling with the rear tyres too, I saw he was struggling on brakes into Turn 1 as well and so I thought I would brake a little earlier so we could both get through, he wanted to go on the outside and couldn't go through the chicane so we both lost time but it was okay.

Q: Ralf after Rubens overtook you, you went across the top of the chicane: did you then ease up and let him take the position?

RS: The position belonged to him anyway and I had big problems at that moment, my rear tyres wouldn't behave any more so I defended to a point where I thought it was reasonable and that was it.

Q: What about the battle with your brother - he overtook you.

RS: It happens. That's what we are here for, sometimes he gets overtaken and sometimes I get overtaken. It was a fair fight, obviously he had a lighter car. I was one of the heaviest anyway in the front and from the beginning I had a very big oversteer, which then turned into blisters and I got used to the blisters and was able to drive at a reasonable pace.

Q: Rubens, has there been anything different with the team this weekend, your teatment by the team?

RB: When we would go to a normal weekend before the Michael won the championship you would go thinking that he would get the first treatment because he had the chance to win the championship. That's the only thing that differs. We have equal rteatment and we are allowed to race each other basically. I had a weekend when I performed really well, one of my best weekends. I could go for it in qualifying, I could go for it in the race and the team have helped quite a good amount.

Q: To all drivers, what did you feel about the agreement between you not taking place about the opening lap and how do you feel about going to America?

JPM: We tried to have an agreement and we didn't do it. I think that actually helped because everybody was very reasonable about the start, we had a very clean start, and going to America I don't see really a problem. If the race is going to go on it will go on, there's not much we can do about it now.

RB: It's bad when you have an agreement and just one guy doesn't want to do it but that's pretty much life. At the end of the day there were drivers told by their team managers they couldn't do it as well. I don't think they were thinking - they were very material just 'work, work, work' and couldn't just stop to think that there was something going on behind us. This weekend has been very dark, not only for what happened in the US but what happened to Zanardi yesterday I couldn't stop thinking about him to be honest. So for a moment we had an agreement because it was only fair, you have an agreement to brake 200 metres before the corners where we saw last year a hell of a problem and luckily I think everyone had the patience to do it. I love to go to America, we just have to see if we're safe or not. People are not even traveling there yet so we have to see but I love to go there the race is great and the atmosphere is great.

RS: I've already made a couple of comments and I don't want to comment any more thank you.

Q: Juan Pablo, do you have anything to say to the people of Colombia?

JPM: I think it's not only Colombia but all my fans. Everyone that's been supporting me I want to say thanks, it was a tough season so far, we had good and bad results, a lot of bad luck and now we turn another page. Three poles and a win is not so bad.

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