Italian GP Saturday press conference

1. Juan Pablo Montoya (Williams), 1:22.216 2. Rubens Barrichello (Ferrari), 1:22.528 3. Michael Schumacher (Ferrari), 1:22.624 Q: Juan Pablo, was that a perfect qualifying session? Juan Pablo MONTOYA: No. The car was really good. We worked a...

1. Juan Pablo Montoya (Williams), 1:22.216
2. Rubens Barrichello (Ferrari), 1:22.528
3. Michael Schumacher (Ferrari), 1:22.624

Q: Juan Pablo, was that a perfect qualifying session?

Juan Pablo MONTOYA: No. The car was really good. We worked a lot this morning to try to make it better and better. We knew this morning that we weren't going to be that competitive because it was very cold. As the temperature rose, we became stronger and stronger. The car was really good. We only adjusted the front wing a little bit through qualifying and that was about it. I think there is a bit more time, there is always, but I was very pleased with that.

Q: Rubens, first time you've managed to outqualify Michael, and a great platform for you to go for second in the championship tomorrow.

Rubens BARRICHELLO: Well, altogether, I don't think it means a lot because there is a long race ahead, I think I had really good car today. I had all the support that I needed. I think Monza is very special with all the tifosi and I'm happy to be having a good time in qualifying and hopefully in the race.

Q: Michael, did you find it difficult to string together the perfect lap today?

Michael SCHUMACHER: In the important run, certainly, there was a mistake in the first sector; that was the third last run and that killed the overall lap time, but that's the way it is sometimes in qualifying. You can't always do things very well. Obviously I was trying to go for the pole position so the only way to get that time was to push very hard and maybe overdo it.

Q: Juan, third time on pole. What do you have to do tomorrow to make it third time lucky and your first win?

JPM: I think it's going to be hard. The Ferraris have been really consistently quick throughout the weekend as well so I think it's going to be an interesting race. The basic start is to try to have a clean start and go from there.

Q: This pole seems to have given you even more satisfaction than the other two.

JPM: Yeah, I think to beat the Ferraris here is quite special. The last pole (in Belgium) there was a bit of luck with the conditions and this one they were quicker this morning but we put it together and it just paid off.

Q: What about race set-up - how's that?

JPM: It's okay. We struggled a little bit yesterday but we did a lot of changes with the car and we improved step by step. The car does not change much in set-up from qualifying to race.

Q: Obviously it's not as hot here as it was at Hockenheim but it's still very hard on engines - is that something to worry about conserving the engine for?

JPM: There wasn't a need to conserve last time around, it's just that the pit stop was too long and it overheated that's all. So I'll just be pushing like always.

Q: Rubens, you weren't happy with the handling yesterday, what about today?

RB: Well today's much better. The team did a good work to help me find the best set-up, from the engine side it was good as well - we just improved the whole way through this morning. I knew it would have been tight because this morning some people were setting times on their first lap, some on their second or third and in qualifying you don't have many laps at your disposal so it was going to be tighter and at the end of the day I'm quite happy.

Q: Did you adjust the car during the session?

RB: I have changed a little bit, yes. My first run wasn't on new tyres and I flat-spotted them and had to take new tyres. I didn't know if it was the right solution or not but it became the right one so bad things are not always the bad things, they could be good things.

Q: Michael, you didn't do many laps this morning - is the car well sorted or are you missing something?

MS: No, the handling was pretty well. If you see the section times we simply didn't get it together in qualifying. That was the major thing.

Q: What about the race, how do you feel about that?

MS: A bit more optimistic. It depends a little bit what the conditions are we're going to face but we have improved a lot in engine factor and tyre factor so this is something which makes competitive with the Williams which didn't seem to be the case if you look at Hockenheim.

Q: Were you tempted to stay out because other people did longer runs.

MS: No. Pretty usual, we discussed this and thought about it and took a decision not to do it.

Q: So is there a feeling of disappointment?

MS: Well naturally you want to be up front but we didn't get it together and it ends up like this. Third position I don't think is going to be a disaster for the race tomorrow, we'll just have to see what we can do from there.

Q: You said it just didn't go right in qualifying - was that something in the cockpit or in the set-up or did you make a mistake?

MS: If you look at the section times you could see we could do it but we didn't get it together in one lap and that's the reason we didn't do it.

Q: What was the mistake?

MS: Going too fast. Which makes you going slow sometimes.

Q: Michael, you have mentioned that things that happen this afternoon may not be that important compared to other things that happened this week - would you have preferred not to race here this weekend?

MS: I've avoided to talk about it too much all weekend and I would like to continue like this if you understand.

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