Inside Line F1 Podcast: Awarding the best humour of 2015

Kunal Shah and Mithila Mehta Shah brings to you the 2016 Inside Line F1 Podcast awards, rewarding the best humour from the 2015 season.

Kunal and Mithila's version of the awards promise to reward the most entertaining and humourous moments in the sport.

And worry not, we are far away from the usual categories – the best driver, best team, best race and blah!

Here’s a quick glimpse at our categories for 2016 Inside Line F1 Podcast:

1. Rookie of the Year
2. Crasher of the Year
3. Mystery of the Year
4. Fashion Statement of the Year
5. Fernando Alonso (yes, that’s a category in itself this year!)
6. Third Driver of the Year
7. ‘Jugaad’ of the Year
8. Comparison of the Year
9. Catfight of the Year

‘The winner is never who you think it is’ – so tune in and laugh along with us on the first episode of the Inside F1 Podcast for 2016.

Season 2016, Episode 1:

Kunal Shah is a former racer who works in the sports business industry. He pens his view on Formula 1 on his personal blog: kunalsf1blog.

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