Hungarian GP winners' press conference

Q Well Jacques, you must be very happy so have won the race here? JV I'm very happy because first of all for the championship, we had had to beat Damon while he was still on the race track so it's a good feeling to do that and this is...

Q Well Jacques, you must be very happy so have won the race here?

JV I'm very happy because first of all for the championship, we had had to beat Damon while he was still on the race track so it's a good feeling to do that and this is not the type of track that I normally enjoy, so to be competitive here makes me happy. The team did a great job all weekend and we were right away on the pace.

Q You made a very good start and you seemed to be right behind Michael Schumacher at the beginning of the race. If he hadn't faded do you think you could have taken him without a problem?

JV I think so, we were quicker than him. I don't know what happened with him, we were quicker than him except for the first few laps and we just stuck close to him and we could fight but we had the pit stops. We had a better pit stop because I think he was caught in traffic.

Q You got into the lead and then on the third pit stop you seemed to have a bit of a problem. Were you worried at that stage?

JV Yeah because we lost a good ten seconds in the pits. Something happened with the wheel and on the last few laps I had gone quite a bit slower, I came in the pits very slow not to make a mistake because we had a huge lead, but to give away ten seconds like that is not an easy thing.

Q Damon caught up with you towards the end of the race. Did you at any stage think that he might make a challenge for the lead of the race?

JV Well when he started to get closer I wasn't pushing that much. Once he got closer I started pushing again. He was a little bit quicker but it's very difficult to overtake on this track so if there wasn't going to be traffic or if I wasn't going to make a mistake then I was going to okay and I was concentrating hard not to make mistakes.

Q Williams have now basically won the constructors championship with a total of eight victories now equalling that of Ferrari. Does that change your attitude towards the end of the season?

JV Well there's a little bit to think about that one, yet we had a big lead in the constructors championship so we knew we were not going to be very careful in that we were going to fight it out hard with Damon.

Q Damon, you drove a hard race and by the look of your speed you could have done a lot better if you hadn't had a problem at the start what happened there?

DH Well again I got a poor start and paid the price. I got held up by Jean who was doing exactly what I would expect him to do, which was to hold his line but he was going a lot slower so I lost of track time. For me, I enjoyed the race. I had lots to do. There was a lot of communication between myself and the pit wall trying to work out the best strategy. It was very interesting trying to deal with Michael and of course I closed in on Jacques right towards the end and I think I had a great race. I'm delighted for the team to have sewn up the constructors' championship and also finish with another one-two.

Q At any stage would you have challenged Jacques for the lead or were you under team orders, or what was the position there, when you caught up with him at the end?

DH No, no. I was aiming to put Jacques under pressure and chase him to the finish.

Q The only people who can win the world championship for the drivers now is either you or Jacques. What's your feeling towards the last few races?

DH Well I think it's going to be great for the viewers. It's going to be pretty tough for the two of us but I'm looking forward to it. It's going to be a thrilling last four races.

Q Jean you said this morning, after the warm up, that the handling of the car was difficult so you must be very pleased to be third here today?

JA Yes of course, especially because I did a good start. I was straight away third so because of the characteristic of the track you are not able to overtake. I keep this position to the first stop and then I was fourth and because Michael retired I went on this podium, so actually I'm very happy. I'm very pleased for the team because they work very hard all the weekend. Since the first day the car was really difficult to drive and at the end we are again on the podium, so if we can keep this second place for the championship for the team constructor it would be very good.

Q What happened when Damon overtook you just after your first stop?

JA Nothing. He was quicker than me, I think he did another lap when I stop and he got bit of a wheel just in front of me so that's why he overtook me.

Q Towards the end of the race you seemed to slow down a bit. Did you know about Gerhard Berger's problem?

JA No, I don't think he had a problem. He just explode the engine like it happened in Germany for him.

Q Well Jacques we now go to Spa which has created some interesting races in the past. What is your attitude to Spa and the next race?

JV Well it's a very difficult track to learn, I don't know if it will be a difficult new experience, but it's got a lot of high speed corners and from what I hear it's a great track, so I'm looking forward to that one.

Q Gentlemen, thank you.

-- David Goodwin

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