Hulkenberg says Formula 1 remains a "sexy" product

Nico Hulkenberg says Formula 1 remains a "sexy and good product" despite all the criticism it has faced over the past weeks.

F1 has been under fire since the start of the season over the shambolic situation with qualifying, which will return to the 2015 system for this weekend's Chinese Grand Prix after the elimination format failed to deliver a good show in Australia and Bahrain.

The Grand Prix Drivers' Association recently wrote a letter to F1 chiefs urging for change, as the sport lacked a clear leadership.

Force India driver Hulkenberg, however, feels there are still many positive things about F1.

"Everybody tends to talk negatively about the sport, but we still have very sexy and good product here," Hulkenberg told "You know, the racing is good.

"There are always things you can improve. For me, one thing that I really miss is the noise from the V10s or V8s. Sound is a big thing.

"I think the cars are a bit too heavy and therefore not dynamic enough now. But otherwise it is pretty much there. Maybe for the midfield or small teams it must become a bit more affordable."

He added: "I'm not saying its all right. But it's still a good product. It's still the pinnacle of racing. Of course there is stuff you can improve.

"But then again you will ask 100 people and you will probably get 60 different opinions. That's the problem. One wants to go left, one wants to go right. But at the end of the day what we have is not all that bad."

The German conceded that the qualifying controversy was far from ideal, though, and admitted it was "sad" situation to be in.

"I think there's always been controversy in this sport and it always been quite political," he said. "Things have been moved around and changed, but at the end of the day we are drivers who love the sport we care about the sport.

"That's why also the GPDA has come out with that letter. But at the end of the day it is not something in our power. We are hired to drive cars quickly and to perform, and we don't make the rules.

"But sometimes things are a bit... You know, some decisions that are taken that have been reversed again, moved left, right, up, down. It's sad to see and not ideal."

Interview by Oleg Karpov

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