HRT mechanic not seriously hurt in pitlane

Jun.9 (GMM) An HRT mechanic has escaped serious injury after being struck by Pedro de la Rosa's car in the pitlane on Friday.

Pedro De La Rosa, HRT Formula 1 Team
Pedro De La Rosa, HRT Formula 1 Team

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Craig Stubley, the first mechanic on de la Rosa's car, had hearts racing after morning practice when an ambulance rushed to his aid.

The first rumours were that he was seriously injured, and many were then relieved to hear that his worst injury could be a broken leg.

Actually, there were no broken bones. "No, no," said technical director Antonio Cuquerella.

Stubley was, however, taken to hospital, but later released.

"I think, happily, (he) is ok," said Cuquerella. "It looked worse when it happened but he just got some bruises and a swollen knee.

"He's going to have some pain but in a few days he's going to be back to work."

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