How F1 pushed through the changes the fans want

Formula 1's seemingly-rushed plan to introduce changes to improve overtaking for 2019 was expected to fail, but to the surprise of most in the paddock it was approved on Monday. Here's how F1's chiefs and the FIA pulled off that shock outcome.

This week’s confirmation that Formula 1 will introduce aerodynamic modifications to improve overtaking in 2019 has been well received by fans worldwide who want to see more action on track. It’s also one of the first clear signs that F1’s owners Liberty Media and the FIA are working well together to improve the show, with 2021 targeted for the definitive package of changes.

The way the proposals were approved reflects how complex the road ahead will be over the next two or three years, as they were rushed through at the very last minute, and against the wishes of several teams. It was touch and go whether there would be an agreement, but in the end, there was – to the surprise of the teams who expected the plans to be blocked.

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