Horner says giving Ferrari veto rights was "safer" for F1

Red Bull boss Christian Horner believes that the decision to give Ferrari a veto over Formula 1 rule changes was right when it came in, even though it is now the subject of huge controversy.

FIA president Jean Todt has expressed his disappointment at Ferrari's decision to block a move to guarantee cheap customer engines to teams.

The idea was to put a cap of $12 million on current specification power units.

Ferrari's stance has left the FIA determined to pursue an alternative solution of finding an independent engine supplier for F1, even though the idea has faced criticism from a number of teams.

And ultimately, even if a majority of teams get behind the plan, Ferrari could still block it before it goes to the FIA World Motorsport Council if it successfully argues that it hurts it commercial interests.

Horner, whose team allowed Ferrari to keep its veto when the last round of bilateral agreements were put together, said there was no question of taking the privilege away from Ferrari at the time because it seemed to be better for all teams.

"At the time of the veto [being reconfirmed], it was felt that maybe it was safer for Ferrari to have the veto than not have, as it would actually protect the teams," said Horner.

"Ferrari is actually quite a bit different in make-up now than it was then, so the veto can work in both directions."

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